LFC NFTs - thoughts

The point is not that it prevents the forgery, but provides ways to distinguish the forgery from the real thing. As you say, the value is not in the NFT itself, but what the NFT is used to validate or verify.

Sounds complete bollocks to me.

If you owned the image then fair enough, but the fact that you don’t is fuckjng insane

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It provides a way to make it more difficult to forge a “document of providence”, but the forger would just move the goalposts. Replace the genuine item with a forgery (i.e. the “bottle of Lidl’s finest”), which links back to the genuine NFT, then sell the real item on the black market.

If a genuine NFT is linked to a non-genuine item, then by association, the NFT is compromised/worthless.

At best NFT’s would be disruptive to somebody unscrupulous, but not disastrous.

Apparently nearly 8000 sold.

Oh that’s good, as I said I can’t be arsed as long as it doesn’t start forcing proper fans out of the crowd and so on (even more so that current prices do, not too bothered with hospitality).

As long as it’s not a picture of one of those sad looking chimps, they are fucking shite.

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The title has got me thinking, forget NFT’s, I’m going to sell my thoughts.

Thougkins, worth much more than silly images. I have a whole bunch ready for sale, all niches, evil, good, dirty, sexy, liberal, conservative, love, hate, fat, skinny, ugly, beautiful, stupid, genius etc.

Thougkins will be sold in the form of a sentence containing my thoughts. Multi thought sentences are also available e.g. You skinny devil, you make me horny in all my dirty places(tm).

After reading your posts for longer than I care to admit I really think the use of the word genius is a stretch too far here

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Crazy is sometimes misunderstood :crazy_face:

A lot of negative spin is being spun on this as only 5% were sold, but like everything this is the most important detail;

Total of £281,375 has been raised for LFC Foundation from overall sales so far, money which will go towards its work in the community, including their education and employability programmes, inclusion and special educational needs and disability support.

Thats fantastic.

Have to say though, other than on here, I haven’t seen any mention of this anywhere else. There’s probably milionnsnof people who had no idea about this.

My guess is because it had such a backlash they’ve let it just quietly happen as dipping the toe in. I expect it to grow with traction over time.

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I mean it is, but in context of the money in football it’s next to nothing. And, it’s come from fans pockets, not the clubs or any of the very wealthy people involved in the game. It’s barely ten days salary for someone like Thiago. It wouldn’t cover the cost to charter John Henry’s yacht for a week. It’s less than half of what we just reportedly spent on some 16 year old kid from Scotland.

Great that the LFC Foundation gets some extra cash but there’s a lot better ways and places that money could have come from. If you flip it, what they’ve actually done is sold fans nothing and kept half the cash.

I do t see the problem with it if I am honest.

I wouldn’t be dull enough to buy it, but I don’t see it as such a massive deal.

Or you can look at it as they’ve sold stupid (and probably rich) fans nothing and gained some cash!

Both are as true as each other. But, the only reason to currently be buying them though is the hope they go up in value which they almost certainly won’t given the uptake. And that is before we get to the issue of how the value is affected should your NFT be of a player who is then sold in the summer.

If you want to fleece rich fans there are plenty of ways you can do that and still provide them something of value/significance. Do a super limited kit release, bump up corporate hospitality costs, let them pay to sail the Med on Henry’s yacht with players popping on board throughout the charter. This is “cheap enough” to have roped in a few who probably aren’t actually that rich but are hoping they will appreciate in value and that doesn’t sit right with me. No better than those shitty fan tokens peddled by that Socios company.