Ligue Un discussion

Verratti as our 6 for 2 years …

Mbappe contract extension incoming or else…


He was tenuously linked without any actual link a month back.

Day 1 - PSG announce Mbappe is being reintegrated with the first team and will stay this year

Day 2 - PSG finally offload Neymar

I mean they could be completely unrelated situations, but something tells me they are connected.

Did these pricks travel all the way to Ft. Lauderdale (on an Inter Miami away day) to pose with their little banner?

PSG supporters really are the shits. :laughing:

Messi wasn’t too bad for them to be honest.

Seemed to give them his all. Neymar yeah they are right on that :joy:

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Watching Marseilles vs Toulouse only because the latter one is in our Europa group. They are crap.

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Reports Zidane has agreed to become manager of Marseille if the club is sold to Saudi. McCourt says he’s not interested in selling. Hopefully he stays true to that. Marseille deserves better.

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Tells you more about Zidane than anything else.


They do? Pretty toxic fanbase if you ask me…their ultra’s are as worse as you’ll find in Europe, cause trouble numerous times every year.

Ligue 1 has been left behind for almost a decade from a competitions standpoint, so why not.

I don’t consider slapping a few Nazis particularly toxic.

Marseille fans are wack jobs pal, they set fire to their own training ground. They came to North London last year when they faced Spurs and attacked security guards. No away fans want to travel there cause all they wanna do is stir up trouble. They’re one of the worst fan bases in Europe.

Yeah, and our fans smash up opposition coaches and throw cups full of coins at little girls.

Europe is littered with expressly fascist, monkey-chanting, stab happy ultra groups. Calling Marseille’s anywhere near one of the worst is ridiculous.

What that he’s from Marseille?

Personally I don’t think they are anywhere near as bad as you make out. Hae passed them a few times when passing the Velodrome on the way home and nothing nasty or obnoxious.
Not even close to being the worst in France let alone Europe.

That’s because they are stupid. Their discontentment that led to that was valid.

I don’t care about North London or London clubs at all, much biggar wankers than Ultras from the south east of France (except perhaps Nice. :rofl:

No, that he is only interested if a sugar daddy arrives

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On a more serious note, I think she’s Karius’ wife now!

What a pass by Zaire Emery to set up Hakimi there, incredible pass. Some talent.