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Hey Flobs! What were you saying about Marseille fans again?

Idiots and fuckwits everywhere. It’s not the first or last time something like this will happen at a football match. Every team has these idots to ruin things.It’s sad particularly for the supporters already in the stadium. I hope the ringleaders of such actions get ‘caught’.

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Just messing with you. Unfortunately, the world has gone mad.

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Watching the PSG Monaco game, PSG are such a liability defensively it’d quite surreal.

Monaco have started this game very well, Camara and Zakaria have been very good in the middle.

Now the keeper gifts Ramos a goal, horrendous play from him.

Donnarumma this time with a shocking bit of goalkeeping, just punt it upfield…no, instead kicks it straight to Minamino who takes a touch and lashes it in.

Wanted to ask you to keep an eye for Fofana, how he’s doing, but he’s suspended.

Funnily enough one of the players I wanted to watch barring the obvious, was Zaire Emery, is also out of this game…apparently picked up an injury at the hands of Gibraltar, can’t imagine the fury.

PSG flooding attack after attack with Dembele and Hakimi, poor Magassa and Jakobs powerless to stop them, Magassa takes a wild swipe at Dembele in the box, pen given and Mbappe tucks the pen away (and refuses to celebrate).

Lyon is rock-bottom. They won seven consecutive league titles at the start of the millennia.

What’s even more interesting, is that certain people I heard saw that coming already last summer, before the start of the season. As serious candidates to be relegated. Knew they had certain issues, but that speaks volumes.

Sublime finish by Mbappe, PSG been down to 10 since the 10th minute away at one of the best defences in the league and pulls that out. The Donnarumma red card was laughable btw, all came from a goal kick the other end and then hesitates for about an hour before karate kicking the player.

The best.


If UEFA had any balls, they would have had slapped some serious penalties on French (and Dutch) clubs/League.

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Aren’t they ‘internal’ affaires?

Will be interesting to see who attracts interest from a highly possibly relegated Lyon side this season.

Quality of players are also surely one of the reasons why they are rock bottom, but there might be a few interesting potentials for other clubs to take and work with them.

Another potential manager available from next season…I’m just saying!!

Well he’d at last be able to see the C/L trophy he left his grubby handprints on in 2005

13 years of oil money. Still a squad of individuals and no team.

With Mbappe the last big name is leaving.

No what? Salah? Lewandowski?

Will Still is the new manager of Lens, signed on a 3-year deal.

i wonder if this time next season Will Still be manager of Lens?

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De Zerbi apparently the new Marseille manager. Not sure that’s exactly what he had in mind when he forced his way out at Brighton amidst links to Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

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Probably the smart thing for him to do is to build his reputation elsewhere, though I’m not sure if Marseille’s madhouse is the stable basis for that. His Brighton were a real nuisance to us, though a lot of their good performances against us were of our own making. Still, at one point, they were the most exciting PL side to watch, and it was mostly down to him. If he plays his cards right, he won’t be short of suitors in two or three years. Top Serie A clubs change their managers on a daily basis anyway.

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