Liverpool FC - Pre-season

They all look buggered about October so anything that stops that will be a bonus.

I find it interesting that a lot of people online are classing Cavalho, Bradley and Qunasah as senior players but classing Bajetic as a youth player.

If it were not for injury, I think Bajetic would have been used as much if not more than Bradley and Qunasah and potentially would have not seen us sign Endo.


I think Bajcetic needs to prove himself again. There have been lots of players that looked like the next big thing, had an injury, and then couldn’t quite live up to their potential. For that reason he still appears as a youth prospect.

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Probably not the right thread…but…does anyone think this build up to the new season is a bit disjointed…manager = quiet…1st team players = are they renewing contracts, will we have certain players available…it feels as it’s all gone Pete tong…I want to get the new season started…but do I…anyone else feel the same…

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I think perhaps you’re too used to the second by second social media crap.

Take a chill pill, go out and enjoy summer (whatever there is of it anyway), and come back in time for the first pre-season game. Or even the first game of the season. Forget about all the fluff around it, it’s all social media hype so a few “influencers” can profit off it.

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Not really. Most summers there were some renewals. We are having a reboot and there will be some hiccups. Nothing to worry about. Except PGMOL.

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Praps cause I’m used to the ‘ooomph’ and excitment of you know who…

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The difference in approach to pre-season fitness is interesting. We usually see the lactic test around this time, which calculates the maximum workload for each player before lactic build up makes training further training difficult. This in theory allows the fitness people to workout an optimum training workload per player.

However given the massive muscle injury issues we have, and the fact that a quick google only returns results about Liverpool using it, makes me wonder if this is a less tested theory than advertised.


Unpopular opinion incoming, but even at this level, arguably especially at this level where people are desperate to find a competitive edge, these physical performance based positions are full of people employing practices that simply don’t do what they are claimed to do. Evidenced based practice is boring and looks too familiar and no one is impressed by it. What sells is a special sauce…some way of employing the same science they all learned in their first year university Phys Ed Physiology course in a different way. I know she has fans her (why, I don’t know), but that article the Athletic did about Mona when she first arrived was absolute chock full of pseudo science. But that is far more likely to get you a good job in this environment that saying the truth that within fairly broad boundaries it doesn’t matter THAT much what the players eat and personal preference is probably the most important thing (BORING)

The relevance - there are differences in the information you get out of a lactate threshold test vs max 6 min run test they are now doing, but they are small and won’t give you any meaningful information about how to manage injury risk or even how to individualize their fitness development. The main difference? The lactate test allows the practitioner to tell a story about fancy science they are using and look like they have some difficult to acquire knowledge whereas the new test is shit a 50s ear soviet PE teacher could have implemented and is accessible to every Sunday league team. But the overlap between the two tests in how the players perform is going to be near 100% and so your ability to do anything meaningfully different with the results of one vs the other is small


I had a situation with a top NBA prospect who struggled his first year with the physicality. I was consulted and quickly realized that he had done no meaningful strength training ever and was top heavy. I concluded that if he added even 100lbs to his deadlift he would be way sturdier and harder to move around, and that was something we could do in about 6 weeks with fairly trivial effort. If he caught the bug and was willing to put in a bit more effort, we could add 200lbs before the season started and he’d be a monster, but even the 100lbs we could sleep walk to would make a meaningful difference.

“No, the head coach doesnt like weights because it makes players slow. Cant you give us drills that replicate the situations he is struggling in and just make him stronger in those”
“Sure, but you cannot scale those meaningfully. Just get his deadlift up by 100lbs and put him back in those real game situations and he will be a very different player”
“Sorry, we’re going to of with the guy who is selling us something sexier”

People made money and everyone genuinely felt like they were working hard, but no improvements were made. They were all just content that they were doing everything in their power to make improvements because the drills they did looked complex and sophisticated.


You know how I said this morning, that everything is going Pete Tong…just reading about Trent…the whole team seems to be falling apart…is this ominous for the coming season…


Reported he has declined signing new contract…could be all blown out of pre portion…but heaven knows.

Ok, haven’t seen that.

Could be just papertalk…but ‘no smoke without fire’…as they say

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