Liverpool FC - Pre-season

Anything about this (and future) PreSeasons. Not sure if we need new matchday threads for every friendly - could use this one for all of them.

But also key dates:

  • When will the players return from holidays?

  • Confirmed friendlies?

  • Start of the new season?

  • Start and end of the summer transfer window.

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I intended to use that thread for season preview. :man_shrugging:

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First testing/training probably as always, one of the first days of July.

I think there are no confirmed friendlies yet. Probably a similar pre-season to last, spending some time in Europe, which is what Klopp prefers most of course as he can work in peace in top conditions and behind the scenes. We’ll see if there’s a Hendo testimonial match at Anfield, maybe a date closer to the start of the season.

Season starts August 14th.

Transfer window for us starts at June 9th until August 31st.

More here:


Any chance you could put PreSeason as Pre-Season in the title. Hurts my eyes

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After the Palace game Klopp said ‘we have a three week break now’.

Not sure if he was talking about the players without games for their national teams or about himself.

3 weeks doesn’t sound enough to me tbh.

Heard we are going to that same place in the mountains like last pre-season

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:scream: :crazy_face:

Btw, any news on Salah playing at the Olympics, if they go true?


Thats a nice one, great golfcourse too.


If we get rid of both Adrián and Gini, who are you and @Flobs going to whinge about next season? :thinking:

This forum will be a lot quieter, that’s for sure. :joy:


I have never whinged about Adrian! :rage:
Also I left Gini well alone for a good while, it was ‘everyone esle’ who got me back on his back due to his poor erratic performances. I mean we hardly had anyone else to play did we? :cry:

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Austria :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



Covid trap! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Keïta is still here isn’t he … :star_struck:


With our injury record this season, is going back there fr pre-season a smart idea? :eyes:

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He plays too infrequently to bother about, like Adrian (though Adrian does make the bench).

Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip are on course to return to the fold during different stages of pre-season, with Gomez the most advanced in terms of his rehabilitation. Klopp’s squad are due to report back for training on Monday, July 12.

[James Pearce]


Dr. Millie will again piss all over the first two days of tests and running.



Don’t think this is accurate. It would mean that the non-internationals would have had 7 weeks of vacation and the season starts only 4,5 weeks later.


Agree but you know what - wish it would be true.


From This is Anfield:

‘It means Konate will commence his summer break of six weeks, which will ease his transition before linking up with members of the Liverpool squad for the start of pre-season on July 12.’

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