Liverpool Pre- and Midseason 2022-23

The international games are over, finally, thank you. The players can finally have a bit of a very well-earned vacation. However, some might spend a fair part of it nursing injuries as Robertson, Jota, and Neco have suffered during their respective NT campaigns.

The training for the new season will start on July 4. However, players with lengthy NT campaigns will be afforded a longer break than others. So far just three preseason games have been confirmed:

July 12: Manchester United at Bangkok
July 15: Crystal Palace at Singapore
July 30: Manchester Cheaty at Leicester

The second part of the training session, after the ASEAN tour, will be based in Austria where they are likely to play two more games against Salzburg and Leipzig.


That last one is the Community Shield which, even though it isn’t always taken seriously, is nevertheless the first official game of the season.


Confirmed Pre Season Games:

• Manchester United: July 12
• Crystal Palace: July 15
• RB Leipzig: July 2022
• Red Bull Salzburg: July 2022
• Manchester City (Community Shield): 31st July


We have on average 8 pre season games (non-covid). We have the community shield to battle also but I’ll count it as pre season. So definitely a few more games to be announced Tranemere, Red Bull teams? Then we rumoured to have started a link with a Spanish side, perhaps them aswell.

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It won’t be long now !!!


Probably won’t be as many due to the season start and everything.


I really wish we wouldn’t ever play traditional or direct competing rivals in pre-season.


Gotta get that Bellingham money somehow

I don’t mind it at all.

Of course it’s nice to play some sides we don’t play against very often, but we need quality opponents, it’s normal that we play them if we’re in the same area.

It’s been 5 years since we visited Asia, it’s time to give them a bit of attention.

Klopp will still get his “leave us alone now” period in Austria/France.

Just would prefer us to play any other team than United, Everton and this year Chelsea, City or Real.

They’re preseason ‘friendlies’ but for me you can’t have friendlies against teams that you are supposed to maintain a competitve or historic rivalry. At least from a fan pov.

I’m sure Klopp isn’t arsed in the same way.


For all the abuse footballers take that’s really not much of a break. Considering they get basically no time off all year, including weekends.

Yes, I know it’s hard to feel sorry for them given the wage they earn, and they’re not working full days, but it must be hard mentally for those at the very top like our lads

I would think most/all of the lads involved in the internationals won’t come back until after the Palace game.

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Squad is shaping up well.

GK - Alisson, Kelleher
RB - Alexander-Arnold, Ramsay
LB - Robertson, Tsimikas
CB - Van Dijk, Konate, Matip, Gomez, Van Den Berg*
CM - Thiago, Fabinho, Henderson, Jones, Keita, Elliot, Carvalho, Milner
FW - Salah, Nunez, Diaz, Jota, Firmino

24 player squad, no obvious weak areas. Bring it on.

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Errr… that’s 24.


Adrian for the 25

Couple of pre-season fixtures announced this morning

Strasbourg a day after the Community Shield.

Perhaps we’ll have two different sides?

Certainly an interesting way of making it clear we don’t give a fuck about the Community Shield.

So Klopp isn’t going to have the intense training sessions he likes to have. Doesn’t bode well for the newcomers who need this period to gel with the team.

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July 4 – First day back at Kirkby
July 9 – Fly to Far East
TBC – Open training in Bangkok, Thailand
July 12 – Man United (Thailand), 2pm
July 14 – Open training in Kallang, Singapore
July 15 – Crystal Palace (Singapore), 1.35pm
July 16 – Leave Far East – likely head straight to Germany
July 21 – RB Leipzig (Germany), 6.15pm
TBC – Fly to Austria
TBC – Red Bull Salzburg (Austria)
July 30 – Man City (Community Shield), 5pm
July 31 – Strasbourg (Anfield), 7.30pm
August 6 – Premier League starts – Fulham (A), 12.30pm

All times BST.

Too much travels and too little time for intensive coaching, specially with three new faces in the squad.