Liverpool Pre- and Midseason 2022-23

Are all the games live on Lfctv again this preseason?

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The Asian games will probably not feature many first teamers. Not sure how fans in Asia feel about being fleeced to watch the U23s in a training match. It could be counterproductive long term.

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Here’s a dad joke for Father’s Day.

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A lot of the lads had a 4 or even 5 week break.

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Ibou chilling in Zanzibar :smiley: :+1:

Yes it is every pre-season.

July 4 – First day back at Kirkby
July 9 – Fly to Far East
TBC – Open training in Bangkok, Thailand
July 12Man United (Thailand), 2pm
July 14 – Open training in Kallang, Singapore
July 15Crystal Palace (Singapore), 1.35pm
July 16 – Leave Far East – likely head straight to Germany or Austria
July 21 – RB Leipzig (Germany), 6.15pm
July 27 – Red Bull Salzburg (Austria), 7pm
July 30Man City (Community Shield), 5pm
July 31 – Strasbourg (Anfield), 7.30pm
August 6Premier League starts – Fulham (A), 12.30pm

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Alisson, Trent, VVD, Tsimikas, Robertson, Fabinho, Keita, Jota, Salah, and Nunez are the absentees. I wonder if they will join soon enough for the ASEAN tour.

Think so

The remaining members of the squad will join pre-season training later in the week following their international commitments during the summer.


The first teamers will be there, and as usual, the game time will be part of the build-up to full fitness, so will be carefully managed. I’d be very surprised if any fans that attend games (no idea of cost of tickets) will feel fleeced or annoyed that they’re watching a mix of youth and first teamers - particularly those who understand what pre-season is about. The club always do lots of open sessions and autograph opportunities too. Due to that, I don’t have concerns on things being counter productive out there.

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Cheapest - 115 pounds
Most tickets more than 275 pounds
Category 2 - 350 pounds

That’s a lot of money for your average Thai.

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They are PL organised games are they not? Should Klopp interrupt his plans to suit? The PL are fleecing the fans all over the place. It is not Klopp’s job to play to their tune.

It’s why he has put two friendlies sandwiched around the Community shield. He is setting the club ready for the oddest of seasons. And he is 100% spot on.

Take the prices up with the PL.

Obviously it takes money to bring clubs over there, but the majority of those prices are ridiculous. Especially to watch Nat Phillips playing long balls on possibly a terrible pitch.

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Especially when you’re not even guaranteed a happy ending.

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Calvin looks delighted.


Milner back for the 21st time.


Where where Firmino Thiago and Konaté? :scream: