Liverpool Season 2022-23


Liverpool have 16 points in the PL from 12 games.

Liverpool have 15 points in the CL from six games.

Thanks for reminding us … :disappointed:

Even Rangers’ keeper put in a proper performance in the first match, despite being 40. Not so much in the second match.

NEW: Liverpool are close to making an external appointment for a new club doctor. #lfc [james pearce - the athletic].


Fairly certain the expected goals saved would shot placement into account? If not, huge oversight there.

You know that thing about us having throw-in coach? Has anyone noticed an improvement in that aspect of our game?

I’m thinking of applying for a job as kick-off coach. We don’t score nearly enough goals directly from the kick-off.

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That’s relative because on the other side, there’s the more or less quality of our chances and shots.

Champions League round of 16 dates:

First-leg February 21
Second-leg March 15

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That’s more than 3 month from today, going towards Spring, I worry when we get there :joy:


Brighton (H) 3-3
Rangers (H) 2-0
Arsenal (A) 3-2
Rangers (A) 1-7
Man City (H) 1-0
West Ham (H) 1-0
Nottm. Forest (A) 1-0
Ajax (A) 0-3
Leeds (H) 1-2
Napoli (H) 2-0
Tottenham (A) 1-2
Derby (H) 0-0 (3-2 on penalties)
Southampton (H) 3-1

We didn’t make the most of this phase but we did end it with a flourish. Now we must start the second phase on the front-foot.


I wish.

Sad 6 weeks ahead…

Not used to not having Liverpool for so long in the middle of a season really.



Alisson: 20 games, 1800 mins
Adrian: one game, 90 mins
Kelleher: one game, 90 mins

Trent: 20 games, 1513 mins
Robertson: 16 games, 1153 mins
Tsimikas: 16 games, 796 mins
Ramsay: two games, 93 mins

VVD: 21 games, 1890 mins
Gomez: 17 games, 1199 mins
Matip: eight games, 573 mins
Konate: four games, 280 mins

Fabinho: 21 games, 1538 mins
Elliott: 22 games, 1258 mins
Thiago: 14 games, 1041 mins
Henderson: 16 games, 926 mins
Milner: 19 games, 629 mins
Jones: seven games, 269 mins
Bajcetic: five games, 133 mins
Ox: four games, 119 mins

Salah: 21 games, 1774 mins
Firmino: 21 games, 1375 mins
Diaz: 12 games, 974 mins
Nunez: 18 games, 941 mins
Carvalho: 17 games, 608 mins
Jota: eight games, 375 mins



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Just more motivation, as if we didn’t have enough already.


NEW: Liverpool have appointed Jonathan Power as their new club doctor and he will join the first team on their training camp in Dubai next month. #lfc [paul joyce - times]