Liverpool Season 2022-23

My opinion on the season so far.

There are a lot of fingers all over the forum, pointing to different reasons why things have gone so poorly. Some reasons have more merit than others, but the most important thing is that there are many reasons, not just one, and each impacts on the other.

For starters we went from a consistent and reliable front three of Sadio, Bobby and Mo to whatever we could put on the pitch due to injuries to Bobby, Jota and Diaz. We never had the luxury of easing in Darwin as he got used to the team and the system. Darwin has actually done really well in isolation, it’s only in comparison to what was happening previously and of course with Vigo the Carpathian and in the context of the wider struggles of the team.
As others have said, an important part of our system was always the press from the front and the Bobby role, which was never the traditional number 9 and often resulted in opposition fans writing him off as shit for not scoring 20 goals every season.
It’s not the the only way to play, and we can have success with a player like Nunez leading the line, but it takes time to adapt, not just for him, but everyone else on the pitch who is being asked to perform a slightly different role.
Which leads me to the change of system. This was clear very early on, and the fingers are pointing at Pep.
Now, I get the reluctance to try and put any blame near Klopp. He’s the best manager in the world, so anything that goes wrong must be the owners not backing him, or his back room team causing issues, or the players not performing.
Now Jurgen will be the first to tell you, that the buck stops with him. The buying of players, the training on the pitch, the choice of system, none of it is going on without his knowledge. He isn’t a glorified cheerleader who just turns up and shouts a bit or hands out hugs. Everything that is happening, is happening with his knowledge and say so. Perhaps the new system does stem from Pep, but it’s not like Klopp is oblivious to it.
Equally he is not oblivious to the make-up of the squad. He was happy with what he had at the start of the season, and felt it was enough to compete.
Of course once you lose Naby, then Ox, then Thiago, then Hendo, then Jota, then Diaz, then Jones, then the guy you brought in on loan to try and help you cope with the injuries…well, of course it’s going to impact what you’re doing.
Suddenly, as I said, Nunez has to play whenever he’s available (the red card not helping) there’s no luxury of rotating with Bobby and Jota, easing him in over time. Players like Elliott, Fabio and Bajcetic who should be used with their gradual development at the forefront of thought suddenly have to be relied upon. And no disrespect, they’ve all done okay, just not being used how I’m sure Klopp would have imagined; cameos here and there, used in rotation to rest the 1st team players or to adapt to different opposition teams.
Now, you can argue about the wisdom of relying on a midfield with well documented injury issues. For me a midfielder was a must as soon as we lost Ox, but before then, going into a season with Milner, Thiago, Hendo, Fabinho, Ox, Keita, Jones, Elliott and Bajcetic, I don’t think it was entirely unreasonable before the injuries to not think we might be okay. Particularly as the drop in form of many of the players wasn’t exactly predictable.
Even if you disagree, and think we should have definitely sold Ox, Keita and bought Bellingham + A.N Other, and FSG should have stumped up the cash; well the truth is we don’t know what is happening behind the scenes.
Sure, if we go one more summer without arrivals in midfield, then it will be inexplicable, BUT, it might be that we are waiting till this summer to land two specific targets.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m only speculating, but it would make an awful lot of sense to not buy any midfielders if you had been given some assurances that if you waited just a bit, that you would be able to sign the exact two midfielders who you wanted to sign in the first place, rather than buying any old player to fill a gap and then being unable to buy the ones you wanted.

For me this is a transition year in the most absolute sense of the word, and it might not make sense until after the fact when the injured players are available and the new players have been bought. What has gone wrong, isn’t just a change in players, a change in the system, the injuries, the perceived ‘lack of investment’. It’s all of these things in conjunction, which happening to any team, would derail proceedings.

We can be unhappy with individual performances, we can have a wishlist for transfers, we can make criticisms about anything, but we should always have the full picture in our minds when we do this.
For me, until we do or don’t sign players for the midfield in the summer, I don’t have the full picture, and I’m happy to wait and see.

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Apologies if this has been posted, but found it via the Anfield Wrap and think the author makes excellent points.

Well worth a read.

There are a lot of statsy bits, but the main bit which comes further down, is that the teams who are struggling - Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City (by their own terms), West Ham, Leicester, Spurs - have played a lot of football. And by a lot, a fucking lot.

That’s resulting in poor performances from knackered sides, but also those teams are carrying more injuries just because those teams have been over played.

By contrast, the teams that are exceeding expectations right now, are also the teams that have played the least football. And by least, a lot less than us. It’s not even close.

Outside the article, this analysis, which I’d expect any club to be all over, poses a lot of questions. How does a team go at the rate we have and not fall off? Is it even possible? Does this mean squads have to get get bigger, and then how do you build cohesion trying to manage a squad of, say, 25 lads? What can our relationship with the domestic cups be in this context?

At what point do the football authorities see fucking sense and start having a basic conversation about how many games of football you can expect a Human Being - even one at the peak of fitness/ to play over nine months?


How I’d kill for a season, or even another year like this.


I don’t think you can. Considering the teams that have splashed a boatload of cash and still struggle with this problem, I think it’s inevitably a winner’s curse at this point.

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Agreed. One (interim) solution is to piss off the league cup and FA Cup and focus on the PL and CL only each season. We need to be winning at least one of these again for Klopp to earn his due and a place alongside our best managers. It is incredibly.frustrating that we’ve had four brilliant seasons in the PL (each superior to Arsenal this.season) but we are likely to be both have one league title to show for it.


Still no Bobby and no Virgil in training ffs.

Glad the transfer window is closed.

Now all the internet coaches and managers, the financial and scouting experts, whiners and moaners can crawl back in their holes.

Time to get behind the team and let Jürgen do what he does best - turn doubters into believers once again.

Top4 is the ultimate goal. If we can somehow can get past Real (which even in our best years was difficult) then a good run in the CL is also possible.



I am so disappointed with the owners not lettiing Jurgen buy a player in the January transfer window. They are so slow at sorting out filling up the vacancies for key posts in other departments.

I like your optimism! We will be lucky to not be at the end of a humiliation over both legs. I hope we don’t get a pasting on Anfield. It will be sickening as fuck for everyone and hopefully, SoS can wake up and see what FSG’s disinterest post ESL and Covid does to the club.

Im glad its closed also as it stops all our rivals strengthening even further. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Genuinely can’t tell if you’re serious or not but Gakpo is now sobbing in a corner…

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With the current market for even average players, a disinterested FSG would have been driving sales for all of our most valuable players. The fact they haven’t done that shows that they are interested - we have a budget that is manageable for a club of our size and how we spend it is not dictated by our owners.

The problem for us moving forwards is that the influx of state-owned clubs (and one club that has been allowed to write off billions in debt for free) has meant that any club operating under a model of sustainability will not be able to compete towards the top end of the transfer market.


Wait a minute! Bringing facts and logic to a transfer discussion? That’s crazy talk!

yeah, don’t that’s not allowed! offside!

Decline of our senior midfielders could have been slowed down by signing a midfielder early last summer.

Biggest mistake of the season.

Then we had our midfield injury crisis and decided to panic loan Arthur.

Domino effect which led to forced rotation in every game and no chance of finding a rhythm.

Then injury crisis in attack and Konate, VvD and Matip getting injured one after the other.

Meanwhile most midfielders returning from the World Cup and from injuries but the damage have been done already. And the quantity being used as an excuse to not sign another midfielder early in January.

With the World Cup and the break there was enough time to get something done but lessons were not learned once again.

That for me is a short summary of the season so far and personally I did not want us to sign anyone after january 10th because I believe that most (late) january signing won’t really be able to help their new teams.

Selling “all of our most valuable players” would make the club less attractive to a potential buyer. It would make the club far less competitive in the short term which would drive down revenue, and would require the incoming ownership group to make a far more significant outlay in player purchases in order to compete for titles during the coming seasons.

Potentially. Or it could be seen to be leaving a with a huge and recently redeveloped stadium, strong commercial success, guaranteed fan loyalty, brand new training facilities and one of the most recognisable brands in football - now with a wage bill that has been dramatically reduced from one of the biggest in world football to a lower level ready for whatever wanker who buys it to do whatever they want with.

Significant outlay for players is inevitable now no matter what state the club is in. Chelsea, Newcastle and Man City have ensured that.


That wage bill won’t be low for very long, though. The new owners would end up having to sign a bunch of new players, pay them commiserate wages, which would effectively raise the wage bill right back up (and likely exceed the current wage bill because new contracts will be more expensive). Plus, they’d end up having to spend a fortune on transfer fees, which dwarf any short term wage savings without the benefit of any revenue from sales that would go to FSG.

The only way your scenario makes sense is if the new ownership group isn’t ambitious and decides not to replace the players we’ve sold.