Liverpool v Fulham - Carabao Cup SF 1st Leg - Wednesday 10th January 20:00

What do we think here then lads?
Hopefully a comfortable lead to take into the 2nd leg, a roaring atmosphere with no injuries is almost becoming a luxury these days (I’ll be at this one so you won’t need to worry about the former :wink: ), perhaps a few starts for some of the kids that didn’t feature today? Nice little rest until we next play again so no reason not to go strong.

I’d personally go; Kelleher Bradley Konate *Virgil Beck Trent Mac Grav Diaz Jota Nunez

Prediction: I suppose we haven’t seen a 3-1 in a while, so 3-1!! (don’t ask the rules on away goals here as I haven’t a bleeding clue)


TAA Konate VvD Gomez
Elliott MacAllister Gravenberch
Diaz Gakpo Jota

Sorry for Kelleher but I guess Klopp will try to go as strong as possible.

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The fact Curtis was taken off early today suggests he’ll start, and he fully deserves to on current form.


A jolly good thrashing by a large margin is what is required here. Hat-tricks for Nunez, Gakpo and Elliot please, and a late brace from Gomez.

Virgil, Diogo and Gravenberch surely starting this one.

Alexis and Gakpo went of at the hour mark which is a strong indication that they will start.

Harvey and Curtis went off after 75 minutes.

One of them will surely be on bench or we won’t have any ‘senior’ midfielder to bring on.

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I think Kelleher may play if VVD plays. Klopp has always said it’s his cup but I think with the situation Klopp decided to go with his number one and he was right to.

Could see Chambers play this to be honest. But I’d go relatively strong as we have 10 days off.

Is Beck available for this game?

Assume so depends what Klopp thinks we will do with him, with loan restrictions it probably means he stays here or goes back to Dundee.

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Klopp already said in the past that the FA Cup is Alisson’s. Since Kelleher got the EL group stage this season, I don’t see the need for giving him both domestic cup competitions. He has enough with the LC and partly Europe. Of course, this wasn’t always strict, as we had injuries, players needing rhythm and different level of opponent. I do expect Kelleher here though. Alisson will probably takeover in the EL knockout stage and continue in the FA Cup.

Amazing that we aren’t playing this game until October.

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Yes,a while to wait!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this amazing internet source, but Wikipedia says away goals don’t matter any more:

From 2018–19, extra time was scrapped for all rounds except the final, and the away goal rule was scrapped for the semi-final , with level ties going straight to a penalty shoot-out.

So 11-0 at least?

I wonder if I can change my usual prediction for an important cup game?

Knock yourself out :wink:

I feel this will be a difficult game. Fulham would like to have something to play for in home-leg. They will be physical and defensive.

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I can remember us beating these 10:0 in the League Cup. I seem to remember that I was in the Anfield Road end for some reason.

Anyway, it won’t happen here but I’m hoping Klopp will go as strong as possible and effectively put this to bed before the winter break.

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Fulham gonna be without Bassey and Iwobi to Afcon and looks like Ream still nursing a calf injury that’s kept him out since that 4-3.

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