Liverpool Women

Was planning to rock up, next weekend isn’t it? Did have a look when you mentioned it. I assume there is an away end if not say hi :rofl:

Yeah, half of the Eastern stand is the away end, but no idea how you get tickets for it.

Got a mate that often goes to watch the Chelsea Womens team, so will gve him a shout and see if he knows anything (although being an Australian Chelsea fan, I highly doubt he knows fuck all :rofl: )

Forgot it was on went down and then noted I got the wrong time and it had been cancelled anyhow.

Apparently 6 minutes in, that’s pathetic frankly, living in Kingston its been a misty, cold yet sunny morning. Nothing changed from say 8ish so why it was suddenly deemed unplayable is baffling.

Woke up and ran over to the Co-Op for milk for breakfast and felt how bloody cold it was and chickened out of going out a 2nd time :slightly_frowning_face:

Seems a bit of a farce that they would call the game off so early. Surely they should have seen the pitch during the warm up and known it was unplayable?


From what I read somewhere (can’t recall where it is now) even the referee didn’t want the match to go ahead but it did for some reason?

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Seems the ref said at 9.30am the pitch was unplayable. At that point you call it off I would have expected, not sure who intervened on that.

Yes, I don’t understand that because I thought the referees had the final say on the game going forward or not?

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Also, according to Farah Williams, the Liverpool keeper was apparently told the ref was tracking how often players went down in the opening 5 minutes and decided to call the game off, so seems they were pressured by WSL or FA to play the game?