Liverpool Youth Teams Thread

Unfortantely, we’re going to have to read a lot of “needs to improve his decision making” or “end product needs work” in the coming years, as if 17 year old wingers ever have that stuff figured out.

The combination of pace, strength, tenacity and the ability to dribble past the man either way is something I haven’t really seen from a youth player of ours, even including Sterling.

Exceptional talent.


Totally agree, if Salah did/does go the Doom Mongers state a lot of what you just said, if Salah goes well be fine with Doak in the squad…

But some will need to us to sign someone with a foreign name that sounds a little snazzy and cost us £70 million + as opposed to giving an academy lad that has the potential for great things …and has a bland name of Doak…if we can convince a few it’s pronounced “Deooaake”…might be a start😂

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Benjamin Doakinho? :thinking::nerd_face:

Rumour we are looking at Fulham’s Josh King

Is it possible to have a thread for Jarell Quansah in the Kirkby section?


I was just about to post this. Shouldn’t we have a proper thread for him now?

If you see GR online, that’s when you know not to bother. :laughing:

Is it only mods that can create a new thread in the Kirkby section?


Even though the demand is popular for him and Quansah, I’d rather wait for both of them to start playing a bit more because years have showed that these threads are usually not visited after the initial excitement. We can discuss both of them here for a while.

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Yeah, no rush. Let’s see how they fare in the Europa and Kangaroo games this month.