Losing the midriff "wobble" or the TAN diet/exercise thread

Reviving another TIA thread. Let’s go lads, what is your preferred method to lose weight?

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What’s your favourite method to gain weight???

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I find pandemics work alarmingly well


the heathrow injection :rofl: :rofl:

The highest I ever was around 54 kg and for last 10 years or so, it’s been around 50 kg.

Just amended the title a little bit :wink:

Doing my stupid fucking job

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Think I was about 8 the last time I weighed 54 kg. :astonished:


Was having confusion on where I am posting between the 2 forums haha…so I will post here again…

I have a question for any experts here.

I have lost 37KG as of today. I was at 136KG in March and today I weigh in at 99KG. My target is to eventually reach below 90KG by end of November. And this weight loss have come entirely through a strict balanced diet so that I do not lose muscles only etc. But of course I am very flabby and loose skins due to this weight loss. The next step is of course starting an exercise regime including weights to just tone up the body, I am not looking to be a bodybuilder but its just to tone up the body and not look I am carrying sacks of skin around. But I am worried that if I start doing weights now, and if I gain muscles, I will start gaining weight. Of course I know this kind of weight gain is positive compared to if the cause is through fat intake. But breaking the 100KG barrier is a very psychological one for me as for most of my adult life, I have forgotten when was the last time I was ever below 100KG and that is why my plan was to go below 90KG and giving me some buffer for weight gain due to exercising and weights training. I am torn because some say I should start now, but I just thought I might give my diet all the way till I reach my target weight before I take the next step.

Any suggestions?


That’s fantastic! Well done, that’s awesome.

Doing light weight work (not trying to lift as much as you can, but doing reps with lower weights) may actually help you achieve your goal!

But end of the day, do what’s working for you. You’ve done well to get where you are, and the most important is being sustainable. Try it a few times, and see how you feel if you’re thinking about it. If you set a hard # and don’t want to do weights because it helps you maintain the strict healthy diet, that works. At some point, the diet will not be as effective, and exercise will and can help get over that hump.

Edit: I’m not an expert!


I’ve lost 20 pounds or so on whole 30 diet. Cuts out all dairy products, anything with added sugar, which is most carbs (can still eat fruit and things with natural sugar), no alcohol unfortunately, and legumes (beans). Concept is to do diet for 30 days, see how you feel, and slowly reintroduce foods. Toughest part is the alcohol, i enjoy some wine or a few beers usually on the weekend. But meals are great, i don’t feel like I’m missing out on food. Snacking is hard. Usually as piece of fruit or pistachios. But I’ve lost total over last 6 months or so ~50 pounds.

I started cutting out only added sugar, wife moved on to whole 30, and dragged me with her. I’m 38 and weigh something I haven’t seen since high school or very early 20s.

What you are dealing with is a very common response to people who have achieved significant weight loss - an almost obsessive focus on the number on the scale to the exclusion of everything else. There does a come a point where continuing to keep pushing that lower is not the best protection from seeing the big numbers come back.

Understand what you are saying, I think Working From Home helps me to eat a very boring healthy diet so it was easy for me to lose as much as I can, I would know once the pandemic is over and life returns to normal, I would not be able to cook the way I did and the food outside would have too much temptation for me. So that is why, I wanted my target to be below 90KG which is still according to BMI overweight for my 1.8m frame but I would think that is enough for me to go for a more sustainable weight control because if I am going to start eating “normal”, then exercising would be the best way to balance out those additional intake compared to now.

I dont see a problem starting now. it will help.

I would probably argue that a good way is not to go too heavy on the weights and make sure you balance the weight training with a lot of cardio. That should help to get the benefits that comes from resistance training without piling too much bulk on.

perhaps look at specific sports where weight is not a benefit and see if there’s any guidance on training programmes for them?

Gonna be fifty years old at the end of the year, and like a lot of fellas my age, I have gained too much weight. I set a goal a few months ago to lose “50 by 50”. 50 lbs.

Started off well and lost half of it, so I’m happy about that. 25 lbs lighter.


Have been sorta stuck for a few weeks. Not gained, but not lost either. A few eats and treats here and there, not as disciplined in exercise.

All this is to say, it’s hard work after years of bad habits, but this post represents a renewed desire to shift the other half of what I have to lose. Here goes…


Desire is there on my part but really struggling with the will bit. My fear is that this gets worse over the Winter. I’ll certainly try and get some mountain walks in but I will need something else.

I’ve got some bits to get my bike back on the road but again I can see the will thing being a problem long term. I need a target / reason I think. I am garbage at the discipline of home workouts.

Sciatica is wreaking havoc with my lower back at the moment as well. A little stretching and yoga helps with that but again there’s that discipline thing.

Are there any exercises along with healthy eating that can target belly fat more than other areas.I bought a treadmill last month and have been upping my time on it over the past 4 weeks now that i’ve figured out how best to use it.My main reason for using it is fitness (issues with breathing)but as expected i’m also losing weight and although i am carrying an extra couple of stone i don’t like the idea of losing fat from areas i don’t think are a problem.

Sorry no. All you can do is tone, grow particular muscle groups. You will lose fat everywhere but an issue with dieting in particular is you will also likely lose muscle mass unless you work that muscle to maintain it.

There’s loads of discussions on protein levels required for muscle building but for most people we already eat enough of that with standard diets. One benefit of eating protein is hunger suppression which can obviously help with weight loss.

I’m not all that pushed on losing the weight but my breathing has been bad for a few years so i’m more trying to “exercise my lungs” if possible.I don’t like the idea of using inhalers(or worse) everyday and for the rest of my life so i will continue as i am as i’m already feeling the benefits with the breathing.
I may have to up my intake of certain food groups to combat the resultant weight loss from the extra exercise. :grinning:

Finally after what seems like months I’ve got my road bike together. Clocked about 7 miles this morning over pretty hilly terrain. Too hilly to be honest but there’s little choice around here. I seem to be starting from a really low base. Out again tomorrow. I want to get into the habit of doing an hour most days.

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