Losing the midriff "wobble" or the TAN diet/exercise thread

wont’ be in a foot race with you pal. that’s rapid.

My legs don’t feel so good after the run though.

It’s just the rhythm today though. Everything felt right , doesn’t happen often enough.

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After getting back from a week long cruise, where it was 24/7 food and drink, I weighed myself this morning and was delighted to see that I was only 4lb heavier than before the cruise. I will take that, after indulging for a week.

Overall I need to lose more weight and get fitter, and a better regime resumes today. This couscous salad I’m having for lunch is delicious, and I will get back to doing some exercise this evening…

Thanks all for your contributions on this thread. It’s inspiring in its own way.

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my daily, which i fit in during the work day

80 push-ups (sets of 20)
60 sit-ups (set of 15)
50 jacks
40 lunges w/5lb dumbells (20 forward, 20 reverse)
I’ll do bench rows or curls with 25lb dumbells intermittent, usually 3-4 reps of 10
1 mile walk - treadmill
if I have energy at end of day, I’ll do a mile jog on treadmill after work.

I’ve been looking at a lot of different calisthenics exercises as well and found a few different compound ones that kick my ass, will be mixing those into the routing as I become more accustomed. been two weeks no. haven’t lost a single pound yet

Great stuff but I suspect I’ll be telling you to suck eggs if I told you the only way to lose weight is through calorie deficit. How you put yourself into that deficit is your choice and what suits you.

Exercising yourself into a deficit is extremely difficult as exercise makes up a very small proportion of your daily calorie needs.

For me, weighing and logging everything I eat works. It means the only food restriction I have (other than my kidney one) is the number of calories at the end of the day. And I leave a little flexibility in that too.

Down 3.5kg since 28th Jan. Still a good bit to go I think. I gave myself a soft target of 78kg but I think I’ll need to revise that, probably even scrapping a target weight all together. Looks like I’ve been carrying a lot of padding quite discreetly.

Also looks like my potassium levels are creeping back up which is both confusing and frustrating. I strongly suspect it’s the exercise now, (and weight loss).

What app is that @Noo_Noo if I may ask?

Renpho app that goes with the corresponding scales I bought. Value wise they are damn good. Can’t say how accurate all the data you get with them is, but let’s say it brought a few things into very sharp focus. Things needed to happen.

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Paying for the running now.

Shooting pain on the right heel. It’s taken a beating. Reckon will have to take a break for a few days.

what’s the most confusing (for me) is that Mrs has been on a regimented gym class for over a year now, and when she participates in the quarterly “challenges” their diet structure forces her to eat MORE.

What she eats, is restricted. no dairy, no sugar. higher protein and veg, carb only 1x per day. Next time she goes on one (just finishing an 8wk rotation now) I’m going to tag along for the ride.

What matters more to me than the scale, is how I feel overall. Mrs has always said that I need to be run out, regularly. retired from footy two years ago (concussions) and with coaching our son in multiple sports 5 days a week from Mar - Oct I need to keep up with the energy level of a 9yo sometimes.

This is the key. Low fats and sugars which have a high calorie density. High protein to maintain and build muscle but has lower calories per gram than a carbohydrate. So you eat more but less calories. Secondly there’s the thermodynamic effect of food where the energy it takes to convert a food to energy. I think I’m right in saying protein takes more energy to convert it into energy.

All good with the theory of feeling good. That approach hasn’t really worked for me. I need focus to allow me to push myself.

Here’s my energy input output for yesterday. Gives you a good picture of where most calories go and even though I was in the gym you can see my exercise and activity level calorie requirement isnt that high. Desk job doesn’t help

Au contraire

I am sure there would be a few around here that would very much like to see such a thing.

Only if you put your mankini back on

Do fasted runs/workouts work ?

In theory , Shouldn’t the body burn fats instead of carbs when working out in a fasted state ?

Can’t really answer your question.

Going to the gym being hungry doesn’t work for me (unless using some kind of booster).

But I love going on a run before breakfast at the weekend.

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Funny you should ask…

This video went up just a couple of weeks ago…

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No, not unless you’re in an overall calorie deficit.

I am trying to maintain an overall calorie deficit. Just not sure as to how to pair this with my 1 hr a day running routine.

Tried running without having a pre-workout bite yesterday and ran out of steam half an hour into the run.

Ah got you.

If it works for you have that bite to eat. My understanding is that at low intensity the body seeks to oxidise fats for energy (this is not weight loss), whereas as intensity increases the body moves towards carbohydrates. Basically oxygen is required to oxidise fats.

From a calorie deficit perspective, just look at maintaining it daily, but that can also extend to weekly provided you dont go stupid one one day and pile the food in and eat nothing the next kind of thing. For example, if you feel that you have a big session coming up, eat a bit more to help and look at your overall calorie intake output over the entire week.

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There’s the small caveat that this study was performed on 17 elite athletes.

I have not experimented with fasting (even though I don’t eat breakfast), but have started low carbs diet with regular low exercise (speed walking 2*1h + regular 2h roller derby training per week).

I started at the start of December and went from 91kg to 82kg.

I feel fitter than I’ve been in a long time, and I’m now wondering when I should stop losing weight.

This is much more successful than the potato diet, especially in terms of energy for training.^^"