Luis Suarez (Luis Alberto Suarez)

Suarez’s had been linked to a move to Juve, but registration/immigration issues meant they could only go through with the deal if Luis obtained Italian Citizenship, something that would require him to pass a Citizenship test. The deal fell through and it is now being reported that his Citizenship test is under investigation for fraud. Apparently he speaks little to no Italian yet passed with a declaration of having “intermediate” Italian, and the result being determined before he even took the exam :rofl:

Suarez after being told he had no role at Barca this year and to find a new club, reportedly struck an agreement with Barca that he would forgo some money they still owed to him if they let him leave for free. They said yes, as long as it is not to this list [shows list] of clubs. Suarez went out and negotiated a deal with Atletico, a club not on that list, and now Barca are reneging.

They are such a monstrously shit bag of a club.

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kinda weird that there’s a list at all considering there are only so many clubs that can afford to pay his wages, but if there is one, you’d figure to see atleti on it

suarez & costa together would be a gold standard for shithousery, wouldn’t mind seeing it

if the five-sub rule was still in place & if we hadn’t signed jota maybe i’d think about it, even though he looked like jorginho when he tried to sprint against bayern in lisbon

city might make sense tbh

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Is he still represented by Pere Guardiola? If so, it wouldn’t be the first time he failed to ensure that the terms he’d understood had been agreed were properly committed to writing.


We tried to pair them the year before Costa went to Chelsea…

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Yeah; Costa, Salah, Willian and that Ukrainian guy all rejecting us one after another. Good times. :blush:


Ukrainian? Or do you mean Alex Teixeira?

No. Some kolopn sounding name.

Konoplyanka - thats right.

But we were also after Alex Teixeira. Brazilian playing for Donezk in Ukraine

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Yeah that guy too. But the saving grace was he didn’t went to our rivals.

not to mention we had an opportunity to sign Aguero and we pissed all over it.

Also Ronaldo and Dani Alves :grimacing:

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Yes two legitimate football pain in the asses playing together. :sunglasses:

I miss the signing (if the connections were true) of David Silva and David Villa. :triumph:

Nothing beats a good old Quaresma


Klopp decided to pass on Texiera, as he wasn’t sure about his wage demands.

Salah first time around didn’t reject us either. The clubs couldn’t agree a fee and Chelsea pounced. Konoplyanka was the clubs owner dicking us about.

The players I remember that knocked us back under Rodgers were Willian, Costa, Sanchez, Miktaryan and Soldado.

Under Klopp we don’t really get to find out what’s going on because those leaks have been plugged, but I think Brandt and Gotze both turned us down.


Maybe Arsenal still has that 1 pound…


Don’t know about him. We were also, supposedly, interested in the midfielder who went to Bayern from Schalke for free.

Was it really Klopp in charge when we were interested in Teixeira and Konoplyanka?

I remember that Dnipros owner refused to sign a document which meant the Konoplyanka deal did not happen.

Also remember that, after it was clear Willian won’t sign for us he travelled to England to sign for Tottenham but when he arrived Chelsea stole him from under their noses.

Konoplyanka during Rodgers. Teixeira during Klopp.

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