Managerial Merry-go-round

Any manager they go for is a gamble at this point. Can’t think of a safe pair of hands that can guarantee their PL status for 2022/23 - Rafa, but he’s long gone…

In his 2 jobs so far he’s been quietly effective if unspectacular. This isnt a case of throwing a job at a player like Lampard with no experience, but certainly his limited experience is being coloured by how high profile a name he is.

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Apologies. Somehow his managerial career totally escaped me.

He’s fat and he’s eaten all the pies

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Luke Shaw for manager? He’s still busy playing for England.

Confirmed I guess.

See what he does, always felt his teams looked meh in MLS but he seemed to have done quite well, less so in Nice mind.

Roberto Martinez has spent the last 6 years in charge of one the most talented sides in the world. That group has aged out without having achieved anything and so Martinez left. Portugal appears to now be taking over that Belgian mantle of being the side outside of the traditional powerhouses with the most talented and deep squad…and in steps Martinez to stop them ever winning anything with it

Not sure how he got the Belgium job in the first place. Achieved nothing with Everton.

Nobody has since about 1986.

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Money for old rope.

Martinez looked good at Swansea, as a lower Prem manager. That was many years ago. Did nothing at Everton. Did nothing with Belgium. Now Portugal it is. They have a very talented team and can expect to go deep into international competitions for the next few years.

This is the new version of the old boys network. Martinez appears on the TV from time to time here in the States, giving his expert opinion, and I sit on my couch like a madman, yelling, “He’s crap!”

Mind you, I can’t forget that picture of John Henry in the swanky Panama hat. I think he was in Miami with Martinez, as he was trying to blag the Liverpool job, years ago.


He only took Swansea to the Championship before taking Wigan over and winning them the FA Cup while being relegated.

You assume that was his level high championship/lower premiership.

Everton thought it would be good for them, go figure.


That’s not fair. They are the first ever pro football team to play a cartoon dinosaur in a real football team

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Poor Barney,

What did he do to deserve this comparison

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No general international thread for this…

Deschamps signed a new deal with France until 2026.
Roberto Martinez is the new head coach of Portugal.

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Vids or GTFO.