Manchester United vs Liverpool: FA Cup QF, March 17, Sunday, 15:30

We would still be missing Alisson, Trent, Jones, Jota; but we would still be in a better situation than we were a few weeks ago. Feel a bit sad for the kids, but this game will likely showcase the regulars. But then again, Bradley and Gomez are regulars too. United are no Sparta, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t take them seriously too. YNWA.


Gomez Quansah VvD Tsimikas
Elliott Endo MacAllister
Salah Nunez Diaz

Bradley, Robertson, Szoboszlai and Gakpo from bench because they played the full match yesterday.

Looks like Gravenberch and Konate will be available.


Which United?

Sheffield? Leeds? Scunthorpe?


The Disunited one.


So we should be putting at least 12 past these pricks?


Has to be balls to the wall, pedal to the floor for JK’s last stand. We are on a roll.

Every single match is the most important of the season to date, irrespective of the competition.

I usually say this as a pisstake, but what a time to be alive.

If ever you’re feeling down, just remember that in the four billion years or so of life on Earth, you managed to be alive at the same time as Jürgen Norbert Klopp.


ManU are shit we all know that. Hope we can prove that once again.

But I ‘respect’ the rivalry and it wouldn’t be the first time they show up against us.

Can not see them beat us but I can see this one going to extra time unfortunately.

John Brooks is the referee by the way.

Tô be honest Clark has played himself in as a squad player. It’s a positive we can use. We are still quite sparse in CM, haven’t seen the reports Graverberch is back.

If Clark is fit he should still make the bench for this. Danns as well.

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Kelleher Bradley Konate Virgil Robbo Endo Szobo Mac Salah Nunez Diaz

If Konate isn’t 100% and can’t start/play then Quansah otherwise the team kinda picks itself, not for the first time.

Google it…


As usual, more important for them than us.
Hope we paste them again.


Extra games against United, love it, want it every season. The more, the better.

And our record against them or compared to them in the FA Cup is not good, so a new nice opportunity.

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


It’s nice to see another true gentleman on this forum.

Yes, there’s just me and Cdo. Watch and learn, AN_L.


Not sure I’d want to do that.

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Any update on Pep as our new manager?

No change, still not happening.

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