Marko GRUJIĆ: 2020/21 (on loan at Porto)

First Name: Marko
Surname: Grujić
Squad Number: 16
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 82kg
D.O.B.: 13.04.1996.
Town of Birth: Belgrade
Country of Birth: Serbia
Nationality: Serbian

Hertha got kicked out by a third-tier club in their opening match of the German Cup. Someone needs their Grujic. :blush:

From a numbers perspective he doesn’t fit in. But with his size and strength, I feel he brings something different in midfield to what we have.

We do sometimes get bullied in midfield… even when Fabinho is there. Thiago will help change that, but so would someone with natural size but is still skillful.

He looks like he will be gone but in truth I would like to keep him or loan him out again… because next season could be very different if Wijnaldum and Milner move on.

Grujic is a very decent player. The fact that he can’t break into our squad underlines how strong it is.

@JustHitMyHead I think Grujic is a bit one dimensional for us. Klopp prefers players able to play in multiple positions or systems. Also, he concedes too many fouls.

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I think he played pretty well in the two Cup games. Maybe be we should keep him till January window?

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Fucking hell…so THIS was the performance so many have been raving about?

Sheesh. He’s slow, cumbersome, poor touch, doesn’t pass it with enough zip, poor technique…but he’s tall and he can win the odd header.

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Fine, sell him too. £20 millions anyone???

Can’t help the feeling that Burnley are going after wrong Liverpool backup player. He’d be ideal for them, judging by these two League Cup games. Pretty decent performances against both Lincoln and Arsenal, he looks quicker and more composed than before. Not Liverpool material but under different circumstances, Edwards would have easily got 25 million pounds for him.

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There’s a decent player there, not for our level or style, but I hope for him that he finds a nice new home and settles in his career. Best years are coming. It will have to be a certain team of certain style, I also don’t see him as a single pivot (though like he showed last night, he can probably do a job in all 3 midfield roles, not only as a single pivot). He’ll probably be best somewhere in the middle of that, either in a midfield two or three.

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Just watched that video. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see one single misplaced pass in it. He broke up several Arsenal moves, had one or two very good goalscoring chances: he made the ‘assist’ for VVD’s shot with Leno’s wonder-save, had his header miraculously saved by Leno, and a very dangerous drive from 25 yards saved as well. Without Leno, he could have enjoyed a brace and an assist for VVD. I don’t see anything there to moan about?

What I like about him, is his strength. He doesn’t get moved off the ball, and going forward, he is like a tank. For me, he’s definitely a player for the PL, and wouldn’t we be spoilt with options in central midfield, he’d be worthy of staying with us as a squad player.

And I like the grin he put up a few times after going close. Like a Chinese mandarin after eating a lemon…


Haven’t watched the video but I agree, not sure what the raving is about from last night. Wilson and Jones had poor games, maybe Grujic was a bit better, but still not good enough for us.

Did a good impression of Fellaini last night, that’s it.


Shame he didn’t catch any arse players with the elbows tho,not good enough.

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Yeah I like him. Definitely a player there. I thought he was good last night. Probably the pick of the midfield. Went close a couple of times with a good shot and header. Good accurate passing, carried the ball well. What’s not to like? He always seems to play well whenever I watch him but I get that he’s probably a bit too slow for us. Of the players in the shop window he’d be the one I’d go for.

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Yes but why don’t you tell us how you really feel? :wink:

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Yes, I guess without a keeper in net he could have scored two and had an assist for another. The header that Leno saved was looping, Leno had all the time in the world and only succeeded in making the save look harder than it was. The drive from 25 yards, any keeper should be saving that.

I accept, I don’t think there was a misplaced pass in there although the longest pass he hit was probably no more than 35 yards. He got himself into trouble quite a few times that he was fortunate didn’t result in him turning the ball over. Describing him as a tank is probably accurate but not sure that’s much of a positive. He certainly seems to try and bundle his way through opponents as he’s struggling to control the ball and work out what to do with his feet. He’s just so unbelievably limited in my view.

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A few years ago, he’d probably have been good enough to have a regular run in the team. I rate him roughly at the same level than Can when Klopp came in.

But now I don’t think that he’ll stay with us, as we are lucky enough to have such an incredible wealth of quality at the club in the central midfield positions that I simply can’t see a place for him in our squad. He lacks a bit of pace, and that might be a decisive factor, but for the rest, I certainly rate him more highly than you.

Let’s agree to disagree, and see what happens with him.


The deal to Werder Bremen is off it seems… I like him. He has a football brain. Can he be our 4th choice CB? He is a CDM, tall, very good header of the ball and can’t be run over easily. Just like Fab can do a good job in my opinion. Who knows he might turn into a very good CB…Atleast in FA cup we Need yo 0lay him as a CB and see his performance…

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Werder Bremen made an approach for Grujic but weren’t prepared to meet the £18 million asking price for the Serbian midfielder.

That would’ve been Werder’s new transfer record, ahead of Klaassen.

October, November and December have crazy schedule. I do hope that the fringe players are utilized and are useful during this period.

Here’s another player I think should have some minutes. He isn’t any special, but I feel he will work very, very, hard; whenever he’s put on the field.

I think he could add some bite to out MF. I know we have a lot of mid fielders but I would rather see Grujic in than Keita and quite frankly Fabinho has been poor recently. Looks like we have to choose between Grujic and Shaquiri though due to " home grown" rule. For me it would be get Grujic in the squad.

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