Mascot vs Klopptimist - The Showdown

Ok, let’s just have a thread where Mascot and Klopptimist can have their endless arguments without them cluttering up every other part of the forum.
No rude words or nastiness please gents. Seconds out, off you go…


Hey @Mascot we’re now a famous double act!

Yale or Chubb, can’t decide.

sylvester stallone fight GIF by Rocky

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argue grumpy old men GIF by Laff

In before klopptimist thinks he’s the Rocky in this relationship.

Come on now, which of us is the pacifist?

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Is this them?

Nah; it’d be more like this:

An argument I’m happy to have once my weight belt has come back from the monogramers.

Getting very wet there!

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Probably more accurate.

It’s only right that things are done in the proper English way.

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You couldn’t do that on TV anymore because of the woke fish protection lobby, and anyway those outfits are colonial and they would offend a lesbian or something. And Michael Palin wouldn’t be allowed to fall in a canal now because of the health and safety gypsies.

Am I getting the hang of this?

Not bad, but too woke. You’d better wake up, because Klopptimist is about to attack with some unsubstantiated Rees-Mogg quotes.

Jeremy Clarkson Shut Up GIF by DriveTribe

The BBC is woke
Gays are weird
Children should be beaten
University is a waste of time
Criminals should be flogged
Foreigners are crap
The Tories are great
You are a lesser character from a 1980s UK comedy show.
Anything you disagree with?

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Never put those words in my mouth.

Another gaslight.


Actually, just fuck off with this post.