Mohamed SALAH: 2020/21

First Name: Mohamed
Surname: Salah
Squad Number: 11
Position: Forward
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 72kg
D.O.B.: 15.06.1992.
Town of Birth: Basyoun
Country of Birth: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian

Mo you beast, with your hat-trick you’ve just moved to being a hat-trick away from 100 club goals – in only three years two months and 21 days.


Just a 4 season wonder


great performance from a great player.

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He could have scored 0 today and still been our best player.

When he’s able to hold onto the ball consistently and dribble past 1 or 2 players you know he’s at his best. His movement and anticipation are always as good as any player on the planet but it’s his on the ball stuff that goes missing sometimes, especially in the last two seasons. If he can play like that regularly he’s the best player in the league.

If he can do that against Chilwell next week he’ll have no hope of containing him.


Played with some fire in his belly today, one of his best performances for ages. Head and shoulders above anybody else on the pitch. I wonder if he feels like he has a bit of a point to prove this season after being outshone by Mané for the past couple of years and being overlooked in terms of the end of year awards.


We have the most underrated player in the league. I’m glad he’s here. Last season he had more combined goals and assists than anyone in the league yet didn’t receive a single nomination for any player awards or team of the year awards. Maybe it’s a blessing I’m just happy he plays for us and seems legitimately happy to be an LFC player.


And THAT is why he is allowed to be selfish (as long as that doesn’t costs us games).


there was one point he could not be stopped with the ball at his feet.

Like seriously, Mo is the definition of world class


It’s not surprising that he was good yesterday, Leeds are a proactive side. Still, yeah, he did better than in a lot of games (of different types) lately. I’d love him to go back to playing more simpler this season. That’s the best solution for him as he heads towards his 30’s. It doesn’t have to be a 44 goal season again, but be more effective and take care of the ball better. The sooner he gets rid of the ball sometimes, the sooner he’ll get that same ball back in a better situation to get his goals. It’s simple.

Mohamed Salah is the first Liverpool player to score a hat-trick on Match day 1 of a league season since John Aldridge against Charlton in 1988-89 season.


I think the standards for Salah are ridiculously high. Due to his first season exploits Salah has to be phenomenal to get praise. Like better than anyone else has ever been in the premier league style phenomenal. It’s quite strange. Ignore his first season and he’s still outscored every player in the league. Add that first season and he’s so far ahead of everyone it’s ridiculous.

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If it is true we play 4231 more often this season then with Salah as the 1 I can see him hitting or at least getting near the heights of his first season with us this year. His record at CF has always been better than at RF.

Edit; CF 22 goals in 25 games so 0.88 goals per game (Henry and Aguero are “only” 0.68 per game although I wasn’t looking at just premier league numbers for Salah, they may be different). RF 75 goals in 124 games at 0.6 goals per game (still one of the better scoring rates in the Premier League era showing just how amazing he is).

Before the match, I wrote, hope Salah is back from his extended vacation…

Yes, he is. :sunglasses:

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As much as I gave you a like for what you were saying this is an example of what I was talking about. Salah was second most effective attacker in the league last year (I thought he was first forgetting how many assists KdB got so made a mistake in an earlier post). But instead of being recognised as a great forward who was a driving force behind the league champions exploits everyone has been taken up with this idea that he’s been off form, disappointing or on vacation. Don’t get it. He’s the single biggest attacking driver towards the success we have achieved. Mane is amazing, recognised as such great. But whilst Mane is making shortlist for player awards and included for teams of the year Salah is in the cold completely. Mane deserves accolades but surely Salah does too? I feel like Salah really isn’t getting appreciated enough whilst he is with us. Not to the level guys like Torres and Suarez saw or even Mane a guy yet to outscored him and currently 36 goal contributions behind him in the time they’ve been here together. In fact even being with us a year longer Mane is 17 goal contributions behind Salah.