Most disliked pundit

Wow, just Googled DEBRA. What a horrible condition. Well done to Greame Souness for his efforts. :+1::nerd_face:


Mirrored in society in general.
Expert opinions on everything, despite being adults for 5 minutes.


Don’t know if he’s much of a swimmer but, even if so, that’s a solid effort for a 70 year old.

  • How cold is it for an English Channel swim?

During the swim season, which is roughly July to September, the water temperature ranges from 14 to 18 degrees Celsius or 57 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fark that for a laugh.

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Stephen Warnock deserves a mention in here.
Awful co-commentator who isn’t difficult to start disliking.


No way do we want to put Jason McTeer on here, but WTF was he doing sharing a studio with Keyes and Grey…!

Especially one that had a triple heart bypass.

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My first recollection of Gs is the Reds playing Boro at Anfield. GS was playing for Boro. Jimmy Case went through him, won the ball but left a bit on him. GS landed on top of him the got on his knees and pulled Case up by his shirt and had his fist in his face. I couldn’t believe that someone had done that to Case, who I rightly thought of as a hard man. We bought GS the next summer. GS was a hard man but had great football ability as well. :nerd_face:


I mentioned him a bit earlier after enduring his commentary on our game against Fulham at Anfield.

Boro refused to sell Souness to LFC at first… So Souness went on strike until they did :0)


Not really a pundit but so snide and obsessive he might as well be.

Anyhow this looks just odd.

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Well, thank god he’s leaving BT at the end of this season.

I can’t stand this prick.

Seen some shit about forced PE in the Telegraph, he is heading to GB News I’m sure of it.

i absolutely despise the bt coverage. especially the commentators, if i ever meet “fletch” in real life i’ll end up back in prison for gbh.

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I always agree with your posts. I have always found you to be a very nice guy…in fact you are my very favourite poster

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Him and Humphries as well as their pally promos for people you despise eurgh.

It’s one bonus about missing the CL is we are unlikely to hear Fletch much (well I mute him anyhow but Michael Owen might be the worst thing about it).

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Ah Rambler!!