Nat Phillips (CB) to Bournemouth (on loan)

Got a feeling this one is likely to happen.

Reluctant to sell him but got to agree for £15M we would be crazy not to !

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We should be holding out for £250m, if not more.


Would make me nervous as he’s shown he’s capable of stepping in when needed and boy did we need him last season.

But, it hopefully suggests a confidence in where Virg, Gomez and Matip are at with their recovery. His price tag is never going to be higher than it is now so if he wants to go for regular football and to progress his career then perhaps it’s best for all concerned.

Agree with all that but would rather see him go on loan for a year first, just in case he turns into Beckenbauer next season.

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He’s not much good to us if Matip and Gomez break down again if he’s on loan somewhere.

No doubt Mikey Edwards will get a sell on clause in there just in case he does turn into the Bolton Beckenbauer.

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Baresi. Bolton Baresi. :blush:

I’d have been more than happy for him to stay if he wanted to, but he’s made it clear he wants regular football, so good luck to the lad. May you be sold to the highest bidder.

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£20m with add ons included, I’m happy.

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It’s apparently £10m + add ons. And knowing what tight arsed bastards they are , the add ons will probably be just as laughable as Barca’s were for Coutinho.

Regardless , I’d like him to stay. Until we’ve seen Virgil , Matip , Gomez and Konate string a run of games together , we have atm zero reliable centre backs.

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10m is a great fee for a guy who would have left for free last season. Still don’t think Klopp trusts him and I believe he has been playing (thankfully) above his talent. It won’t last forever - and I think there were serious holes in his game that were overlooked due to our lower expectations.


You mean the add-ons that all got triggered? :thinking:


The ones we knocked back , like him winning the Balon d’Or.

15 million for Nat … :astonished: :rofl: :crazy_face:

I wasn’t bothered about selling him last summer but after his performances this season I’ll be sad to see him go. Top lad who deserves first team football. Good luck to him wherever he goes.

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If I was Nat I’d be mad to go to be honest. Could get prem first team football there. Go back a year and he would have been lucky to be in the championship starting.

Being selfish I hope he stays. If he goes in nearly expecting Kabak to be signed on the cheap but I’m seriously not a fan of his to be honest. For Nat he makes up for his lack of pace with a good aerial ability. Whilst not likely to ever play for us again his presence as 5th choice will be needed. Kabak is also slow but is not great in the air so I feel there’s still better out there.

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I’m not really that bothered, I actually don’t think he was any better than Rhys Williams in the air by the end of the season and I think the latter still has years to develop.

If Liverpool were to buy another defender I always felt it would be because they expected so little of Matip going forward wouldn’t surprise me if an upgrade on that happens maybe even a revisit to the bloke from Marseille who I think was going cheap.

However if we have to sell a 5th choice defender so we can improve elsewhere I’m content.


Did his job for us and cant blame him for wanting to play regularly.

His stock is as high as it will ever be so now is the right time for him to move on both for him in terms of contract options and us for the fee we will receive.

Wish him all the best


We should snap their hands off for £15m. He played out of his skin for us, got us out of a hole, and is now rewarded with a PL transfer rather than League 1. We get £15m when a few months ago we’d have got £1.5m if lucky. Everyone’s a winner baby


We have Rhys, Nat and Davis as the 5th Choice CB honestly, and we would not keep all 3 and this is also fair to them. I think Rhys would go on loan unless a ridiculous bid comes in from a Championship or lower PL club. Davis would not have any upside in terms of financial bids. So if its around 12-15m for Nat and he seems that as a good career move for him, I think its a win win. I would think Davis as a 5th Choice is not too bad an option.


What evidence do you base that belief on? :thinking: