NBA/Basketball Thread

NBA draft last night - no idea who any of the guys are but anyone particularly happy with your team’s pick?

Me and my wife spent the draft making up names for players from household items and basketball terms. Our favourites were…

Spicy Brown (Mustard) - Who is clearly a high scoring but totally insane SG.
Foul Line - 7’5" Centre chased by every fanbase but only ever plays in the G-League.
Pressure D - Was accused of rape at college.

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I watched with interest last night as a Rockets fan (lived in Houston suburbs for 5 years while going to high school- so enjoy having a good team with Harden, but not attached to their style of bball lol) waiting for them to trade either Harden, Westbrook, or both. Nothing happening. So I’ll be chasing down every trade rumor and try to figure out what they will look like next year. New GM, new coach, Harden and Westbrook want out, so it will be interesting.

I personally think Harden will get traded at some point, and then it will be Westbrook’s team and we will have Houston’s version of Westbrooks OKC team. It’ll be interesting.

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