New European Super League

Nothing credible at all from what I can tell

I am in agreeance but it has to be meritorious, but I still want the Premier League as well.

I am against this new format for the Champions league too many games “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

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Yeah I don’t might the format currently, playing half the sides is a joke also.

I think the autonomy argument has a lot more validity to it than the cynics suggest.


Only so much, JW Henry would have the stake not Liverpool football club it only takes a decade or so for that to create issues and if football really wants to move on the answer is not handing its biggest teams to Perez.

I ask why this all came about and it has absolutely nothing to do with any of the reasons us fans would like to see changes bar the rip off of tv rights however I’d still expect it to be spread over four broadcasters with the club supplanting one.

La Liga changed its funding model, this has slowly increased competition, the Milan clubs are in financial shit and Barca well that’s documented.

We talk about autonomy in the same sentence as player welfare but a restrictive League set up alongside all the other competitions is not freeing the calendar it’s adding. Yes there would be no CL but everything else remains.

I’d rather lobby to look at retiring the League Cup or making it option for European clubs as well separating the international calendar so the whole thing takes place in a set period.

If someone comes along with better reforms then I’ll listen but if it’s just to keep themselves rich well forget it, not interested I don’t follow football to celebrate how much we spend and how big our bank balances are.

In agreement with you, I speak for myself but believe many other reds are of the same mind too.
However I also believe many if not all of the blue persuasion nearby certainly live and die for it (the spending part to win the transfer windows). :grin:

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It’s all they aim for each summer


My algorithm is off…


Yep. Clubs and their fans regularly traveling the world while the world implodes is exactly what we need.

Killing the golden goose?

What are the odds that Qatar is at the front of the queue for the key games?

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh…

Saudis already host the Italian Super Cup :grin:

The same man who is head of organization suggesting taking these games out of Europe is the same man who heads the Qatari Sports Washing exercise

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When I hear a cunt like this one saying:

“We know it [Super League] doesn’t exist and it will never exist.”

I want this Super League to exist now.


The Cheaters have the nearest thing to a Harlem Globetrotters team IMHO

Someone needs to take away his passport; lock him in a 50 Celcius room for 12 hours a day and keep him there until he’s paid back the cost of all his sports washing.