New European Super League

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I honestly do not know what to think about this. While always wanting the best for LFC, what about English football on the whole?


Simply put I don’t think there’s any way at all that they could be allowed to coexist. It would be completely farcical to award CL places as though the 6 seceding clubs don’t exist, it makes the league table and the basic unity of the competition a complete joke.

Edit to say that this leads inescapably to the conclusion that IF (IF IF IF) the ESL is actually established there is no other option but to eject the participants from the league. It would be utterly catastrophic for the leagues but I don’t see any other way around it.


There is a big problem.

Today the fanbase is global. Most of these fans have no clue about a clubs heritage etc. A huge section of these fans, specially the younger section, are actually hyped for a Liverpool vs. Real game than a Liverpool vs. Burnley game. Finally, these fans generate the TV and to a large extent the sponsorship money which combined totally eclipses the Gate Money provided by the local fans.


Why can’t they coexist? Am I missing something? Except for how funny the name if the “Champions League” would be when it’d be (most of the time you’d assume) teams other than League champions. For me this is all more about power moves. UEFA, FIFA and the Leagues (along with the media companies) hold all the power, swallow a lot of the money, when the clubs actually provide the product and the draw. A team gets to a UEFA final and may end up with a quarter of the ground to sell/provide to their own fans. Clubs can have more of their fans at quarter and semi finals than finals at bigger arenas. Current system is broken. This feels like a threat to me.


That was an hypothetical example.

A young, pre-teen, teen, fan in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, etc. readily associate them with well known clubs and that’s largely in part due to the aggressive marketing of the CL.

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Because if the PL agree to it then UEFA will shut the door so where does that leave 14 clubs, whatever they do they will never get to play in European competition.

Propose an alternative European competition by all means the problem is half the elite of European teams isn’t listed, you’ve got Spurs and Ac for starters.

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There’s already set to be three tiers of European Competition from UEFA. This either replaces or sits as closed Competition above the Champions League.

When the ESL was previously discussed it wasn’t set to be a closed shop. They were set to allow for clubs to qualify for it (and drop out with a few having special protected status). Has that changed?


The reporting says 4 or 5 spots of 20 would be for qualifying teams. But for the reasons mentioned above it seems optimistic bordering on delusional that any leagues would allow their remaining clubs to participate.


If it’s a closed competition, it doesn’t sit “above” anything. It’s an entirely parallel entity. I’ll say it again: the league table and the whole point of the domestic competition would become farcical.


Is it a coincidence that the ESL roared back into discussion on the very day the enlarged CL format is suppose to be vetted?


No, ten characters.


The Premier League can’t survive without Liverpool, United, Arsenal etc. They are the big draw, and anyone thinking the league draws in the audiences and money it does because of Burnley, Southampton and Brighton, are deluded.


I think the ESL clubs will find out to their shock horror that there’s not the same value in watching Liverpool play 18-25 games a year with no stakes as there is in the 40+ domestic games.

The American franchise example is only compelling because of the totality of the closed system: salary caps, no competing leagues, total control over the youth infrastructure coupled with the competitive equalizer of a draft system.

None of these things would exist with an ESL, and I think very quickly the novelty of playing against also-ran European “giants” in a structure with no drama would wear off.


Thing is what if the big Clubs from the rest of Europe don’t join in, what then? A glorified Italian/English tournament like Serie B and the championship used to do.

It’s probably the PL who suffers more than the CL at that point, Italy probably has enough to survive from the Rome clubs and Napoli and others.

And if that all happened the only game that would probably draw any viewers in would be Man Utd vs Liverpool.

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“Under the proposals reviewed at the time, the super league, which would play its matches in the middle of the week, sought to secure 16 top soccer teams as permanent members and to add four qualifiers from domestic competitions.” NYTimes

Of course, I imagine very little is set in stone.

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My view for us as a club is it’s a power play to get more rights in our current league. Broadcasting rights for one, we should be able to bring in more money than City, one of our biggest commodities is our fanbase and the sheer number… It would soon level the playing field v’s the country state teams when those with history can tap into that market for TV.

And it’s right, the fact the likes of Sheffield Utd can veto a vote to introduce more subs to help clubs not burn out their players quicker is a system that is fundementally broken. The irony of that is they have got relegated the fools.

I’d leave this league just to get away from the officiating irrespective of anything else.