New Features 2021

I am trying a few new features on the forum.

You may have noticed a new Likes button :wink: also you can now follow posters.

Early hours UK time (1am to 6am) over the next few days/weeks you may notice some unusual features appearing and disappearing as I add further features.


What’s with the loudhailer symbol? :thinking:

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Testing full chat integration :sweat_smile:

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I have no idea what that means. :man_shrugging:

Also- when I click on my icon in the top right I no longer get updates that are only relevant to me. I get everything now:

Same issue here.

Imagine integrating MSM messenger within a forum.

Information you wish preserved stays in forum, Information that disappears after a few days stays within chat.

So you could have chat rooms (match day chat room). You could use it for pms.

Not sure if it will work in practice, but willing to give it a test.

I’ll recommend it to the missus. :wink:

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I will fix the updates dont worry :wink:

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Is it possible to pin (i.e. expand) / unpin (i.e. collapse) the side menu?

Sorry I will disable from all skins, except my new test skin :wink:

Do a full refresh and it should disappear

Looks good only issue is what’s mentioned with that notifications for every message in a topic ive been involved in previously. Thought I was very popular for a second ;(

Turned features off, to fix notification issue.

We are getting there with changes :slight_smile:

Should I be concerned with these?

No nothing to be concerned over.

While most of the community slept I was playing with chat-forum integration.

The side effect of when I turned it off and deleted the threads was that strange system thread that I could not delete.

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Ok, things are starting to go a bit weird for me with the navigation hamburgers