New Likes Button Experiment

Guys you have probably noticed a new “Likes” button.

A bit of an experiment depending on feedback. Also are there any particular emojis you would like ?

*Do you like having reactions option for posts?

  • I prefer just having a heart
  • I like being able to express my like/dislike similar to facebook

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Love it!!

I reckon a thumbs down would be useful also…


I guess it will be too much to ask for these buttons :rofl: :rage:

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My favourite - :roll_eyes:

Judge Judy Reaction GIF


Yeah, either a thumbs down or maybe even
breaking bad bullshit GIF


I still only see the heart. How does one invoke other emoji buttons?

hold your mouse over the heart button and other options will pop up

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I clicked the wrong choice. I’m happy to have more options.

I just noticed it today and I like it :slight_smile:

I love it, I just don’t know which like to use so don’t add too many. :innocent: :rofl:

Can the default button be the like with the heart, dislike etc being the other ones ?

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Does this new likes system affect the “Nice reply” status? I had a post in the Florian Neuhaus thread which qualified as a “nice reply” but didn’t receive the notification for it. :thinking:

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Trophy hunter. :laughing:


I’ve already got 198 nice replies; one more won’t make any difference.

It’s more about how the forum software is working. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yeah, yeah, c’est ça! :wink:

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Update: I got the nice reply notification once the post achieved ten hearts. Other “likes” obviously didn’t count towards the nice reply status.

At least that explains things.


Even though I’m against complicating the choices I would really love a laughing choice. Some posters just double me up. :rofl:

I would like the default like or the heart to be the pick when you tap it once…

Right now I’m having to touch twice which isnt efficient use of my fingers and my utter jobless times… Not optimum design

I feel silly asking this, is there a possibility of adding the “heart eyes” emoji to the likes choices? :heart_eyes: I would even be willing to make an extra donation to TAN to cover the coding cost of adding it to the choices.

Often times when I’ve read an excellent and well thought out post from our community, or when @SBYM is trolling the Cafe, or when someone links an outstanding goal or achievement from our squad, that emoji comes instantly to mind first. Love and adoration!

Yes I’m a grown man, with adult children, asking TAN to add a heart eyes emoji. :see_no_evil:


I heartily endorse this post.

Would also like this one… :frowning_face:

Just to let people know when they have made me sad…

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