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Feels like one of “The Fly” movie, or someone out of “One Punch Man” anime.


I knew!

I knew it it was him all along…

Maybe it was really the friendly bombs falling on Slough.




M3.9 #earthquake (#daeargryn) strikes 36 km W of City of #London (United Kingdom) 23 min ago. Updated map of its effects:


Even more effective than an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack (or microwave in the kitchen)! :scream:

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How embarrassing
"Elaine added the set would turn on at 7am because: “I love watching Piers Morgan in the mornings.”

Now everyone knows they watch Morgan.

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I thought that they did not want their names to be published. Bloody Mirror.

This is really disgusting! :scream: :face_vomiting:

Azerbadjan with Turkish support, has launched a general invasion of the contested territory of Karabag, which has been controlled b Armenia since the 90s. They have turkish UCAV support as well as at least 500 turkish controlled Syrian mercenaries. It is now a general war and not just military operations. This is very serious and may have grave consequences for the region.

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Armenia warns that it will need to use strategic weapons to repel the Azeri offensive:

Losses are high on both sides.

Azeri drone strike on a buss of Armenian volunteers, inside Armenia proper, so not in the disputed territory.

And an Azeri TOS-1a Heavy Flamethrower, firing.

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War rages on , artillery strikes on the entire line of contact. Armenia has tried to take back some positions lost to Azerbadjan in the last 3 days. I am not sure of the outcome of this. Both sides seem to be taking heavy casualties.

But as some of you may have heard, yesterday Armenia accused Turkey of shooting down a SU-25, killing their pilot, from Azerbadjani air space. This would be a giant escalation by Erdogan (who is the driving force behind Azerbadjans push to restore dominion of the Karabag). Today Armenia posted the wreckage:

Situation is a giant clusterfuck with Turkey pushing hard for an escalation.

Some of the Turkish Syrian mercenaries (modern day Jannisaries) have already died in the last 3 days according to the BBC:

They had been promised by Turkey that they would only guard oil installations in Azerbadjan I should note.

The Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan enclave inside Armenia are the flashpoints of the conflicts between these two countries since the dissolution of Soviet Union. :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::pleading_face:

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I think even longer. As far as I understand the Karabag region was part of the old Armenian kingdom and that they consider it cultural heartland. It has always been settled by the Christian orthodox denomination, and these consider themselves mostly Armenian from what I understand. I think it came under Azerbadjani jurisdiction in 1920. However, it is considered parts of Azerbadjan by most states today.But historically and cultually it is a bit more messy, which I guess is why there is a conflict in the first place.

Anyway, Armenia claims that Turkey is now taking operational command of Azerbadjan’s air force in the theater. I have no means to know if this is true, but it sounds plausible considering previous events and Turkish position.

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When you have Turkey and Russia (they are never far away from troubles in the region) meddling in your affairs, you know you are in deep shit. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Agreed, although Russia has yet to intervene, but it is worrisome since they have bases in Armenia and Turkey is so incredibly invested in Azerbadjan’s campaign. It makes clashes between the powers possible if it escalates further and you see Azerbadjani ground offensive against Armenian proper (un-contested territory ), since that may be easier (if you look at the frontlines, if Azerbadjan can’t push ahead in Karabag, may be tempting to go around through Armenia proper). I mean, the possibility is there, depending on Azerbadjani and Turkish moves and Russian response.

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