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As @Arminius said, the criminal case wouldn’t be settled between 2 private parties. But I guess if the criminal case is called off it means the prosecution doesn’t feel it has enough to have a chance of winning. Sometimes the accused settles with the accuser not because they’re sure that they’ll lose the case but because they think the case will hurt their brand. In certain cases (cough cough Noraldo) I wish there hadn’t been any sort of civil settlement either.

But in both this case, and the CRonaldo one, there is no criminal case and it is unlikely there ever will be.

No more than 10% of the cases I deal with make it to trial.

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Maxwell defence calls for retrial after juror says he was a ‘victim of sexual abuse’ (

Uh Huh…

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Pretty big beast that!


Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Prince Andrew lost his attempt to have Giuffre’s claim dismissed on grounds that she had waived her right to sue.

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I watched this on ‘Digging for Britain’ the other night. Some interesting digs going on around the country. :nerd_face:

I think they were also due to cover the HS2 Roman village find on it? I need to catch it on Iplayer.

But wouldn’t it have been the Armourers job to check all of that and ensure it was all legal and safe?


How it started:

How it ended:

And all they care about standing on top of the car is a bloody selfie. Unbelievable.

That situation has troubled teenager written all over it

I was thinking more along the lines of ‘fucking dickhead’.

I have never thought of them as mutually exclusive.

She has been charged with a couple of different things. Her stunt was really dangerous, not least because of the speeds and therefore forces on ice that is relatively new and really just getting thick enough. We have had a couple of recent nights with lows of -27 C or so, so lower speeds could have been fine. People in ice fishing cabins reported hearing waves and cracking sounds under the ice, and several of them evacuated.

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Could fly tipping be one? Polluting a waterway? Environmental damage?

Definitely waterway charges to come, but I think the first tranche is all vehicular. For a start, she was well above the posted speed limit for the Rideau River.

That will be an expensive tow job.

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I totally misread that final sentence…