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Was he not vetted by immigration before he was allowed to claim asylum…has he not already stabbed and killed two people and received a custodial sentence…surely red flags appeared.

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Sometimes I chuckle at the so called asylum system in some countries. Of course, by and large, there is a majority whose lives are at risk in their home countries but people like this guy from Singapore made light of those who are in serious need of asylum. He made many believe his life was threatened by the government in Singapore and helped him secure an asylum hearing and got to stay in the USA…and see what he has been up to in USA…I hope there is a robust vetting. Its not going to be perfect but should not be a mockery either.

Easy propaganda win for Singapore there, but I don’t think the issue of paedophilia came up when his asylum claim was being evaluated, did it?

Not sure how you can vet for pre-crime there, whereas the clear and obvious issue was that he was jailed by the Singaporean government and their “independent” judiciary for his act of expression.

Note that the executive branch of the US government objected to his asylum claim being granted, but it was the judicial branch that ruled that he had a valid claim.

Thanks for celebrating a win for Singapore. Happy to know we have fans everywhere.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I quite obviously meant the government however.

So, if found guilty, does she get sent to a female prison?

Are people whack or what?

True Grit from a Brit

He could show the Glazer out mob at united how to run a real protest :grin:

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Just reading the comments apparently it’s fake

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I try not to read the replies to tweets,that leads to a rabbit hole full of cunts or spammers.

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For anybody wondering what exactly is behind the huge and ongoing protests in Israel , this piece should terrify you.

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I wonder how long before people start claiming that article is anti-semitic…

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