Number 10 next season

So with Sadio leaving who should be wearing the number 10 next season?

Should be Thiago IMHO.

Thiago? No chance, he loves #6.

Diaz maybe?


Not sure we’ll give a squad number to someone playing for another club, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

Anyway, Trent. :smirk:

Maybe Elliott? A big statement I know but he’s got 67 at the moment which is a bit silly now

I hope you washed your fingers after typing that. A #10 at right back… you uncultured swine.

EDIT: although, it is Trent. So it would be pretty cool… :smile:

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Bobby. :sunglasses:

Does amazing next season and signs a new long term contract.


Trent is making the number 66 iconic much the same way that others who came before him did with their numbers.

Stevie etc

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Most probably nobody this season, they way it’s panning out.

Ben Doak

Jay Spearing


What number has Carvalho taken?

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Bellingham :0)

Do a wenger and give the shirt to kelleher.

IMHO, whoever gets it will be under too much pressure to live up to the not so divine ponytail.

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Konaté! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Probably, barring an unexpected new signing. I’m sure the club won’t want to replace new jerseys sold via their online/club shop(s) because of late number changes (as seems to (correctly) be the “norm” these days).

Next season they’ll likely be able to allocate 7, 10 and 11… maybe even 9 (hope not). So Nunez, Darwin, Fabio and Harvey can fight over them then.

We are saving the shirt until next summer. I’m not giving any more information.

Username checks out. :scream:

I think we’ll be adding number 8 to that list