OoooOoo /Shudder VAR Thread

Interestingly there is a league appointed review panel that goes over all “key match incidents” each week. This is the group that said it was a mistake to send off Jota against Spurs. By their tally the premier league match officials are actually making fewer mistakes in key match incidents than last year.

Football as it used to be…

FA Cup replay on BBC last night. No VAR of course.

Charlton 1-0 up approaching half time. Cray forward one on one with keeper who takes him down. Blatant penalty …no question. No one even disputed it…except the replay showed the contact was at least a yard outside the box :smile:.

No VAR in the Real Madrid v Chelsea Women’s Champions League game last night either.

Real Madrid forward Athenea del Castillo was caught by Jessie Fleming and went down in the penalty area.

A spot-kick was awarded by Danish referee Frida Klarlund but replays showed the foul had actually occurred outside the box, with Del Castillo’s momentum and a slick surface meaning the World Cup winner skidded into the area.

I saw an interview with Graham Taylor and Jack Charlton the other day with them doing a joint interview after a qualifier for what I assume was the qualifiers for the 92 Euros. They had just played out a draw and apparently Ireland had a reasonable penalty shout waved away. Charlton’s comment was that he thought it fair enough as even though he thought it was a pen, and the replays back it up, the ref didnt have a clear view and he cannot give a penalty for something neither he nor the assistant saw clearly


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This would make more sense than the current refereeing shit-show.

Our defence would be fucked.

Not sure why they don’t just do semi automated.

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Would it? I can’t even put into words how pointless this is.

Drawing the line from the defenders finger tip now instead of the tip of the attackers toe? Yeah can see this working out a real treat, nice one Arsene.


This is addressing a different issue and addresses the offside law in general not the method used to verify the decisions.

One of the biggest downsides of Semi Automated is it has no “tolerance” like has now been added into the current VAR. That means it will call pixel distance level offsides, the sort that even after seeing the image you cannot see with the naked eye that the attacked was ahead of the defender, something that creates a feeling of unfairness. This feeling far more than the reality is really at the heart of complaints about VAR and so anyone who says “well, I wont complain as long as know it is offside” is lying to themselves and/or pretending we didnt experience the 3 year of so period of people losing their shit over these toe nail type offsides.

People will still moan.

I’m basically only interested in Liverpool FC and this will hurt us sadly.

And it solves nothing of the incompetence, it’s one area where I would let AI make the employed redundant.

This is just daft, all it does is shift the decision boundary, and doesn’t really address any questions of fairness either. It will just produce another type of marginal offside.


Why change? it will still be down to the same margins and even harder for a linesman to flag at all levels.

Leave our laws alone ffs


It’s far too much advantage to the attacker. And you are still going to get marginal calls.

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Like they could ask the tech guy to explain to them how it works. Would be cheaper.

He was evidently the only one who saw what was going on during that offside.



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How would a team ever be able to play the offside trap, which is a sign of a defence in unison.

This should be kicked into the bin where it belongs

The thing I don’t understand is why people think that it would clear any confusion. It’s just creating a different kind of grey area.

That’s before we’ve realised the logical consequence of this that Defences will end up sitting on the edge of their own six yard box. One of things where some bright spark thinks ‘Football is about goals! Let’s give loads of advantage to get attacker’ without thinking it through.

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Exactly my thoughts with regards to the defending side of the game.

But your normal bloke in the street has no idea, as I have had many arguments with my footy mates in regards to how they feel the offside law should be applied and they don’t consider the consequences for applying it at all levels or as you say how it would affect the defensive side of the game.

Doesn’t matter what you do it will always be down to fine margins, just leave it alone and accept that a players shoulder could lead to them being penalised offside, happens to all teams.

Perhaps the most arrogant thing you have ever said.

Fuck off will you

I won’t
You really think because you reffed and played the game that you are a fucking authority and no one else has a clue.