Our Squad / The favourite LineUp thread

Gomez I would never have guessed. He looks like a little hard case there not the big shy softy he is now.

New Squad photo


Argentina (Alexis): Paraguay, Peru WCQ
Brazil (Alisson): Venezuela, Uruguay WCQ
Colombia (Diaz): Uruguay, Ecuador WCQ
Egypt (Salah): Zambia, Algeria IF
England (Trent): Australia IF, Italy ECQ
France (Konate): Netherlands ECQ, Scotland IF
Greece (Tsimikas): Ireland, Netherlands ECQ
Hungary (Szoboszlai): Serbia, Lithuania ECQ
Japan (Endo): Canada, Tunisia IF
Netherlands (VVD): France, Greece ECQ
Portugal (Jota): Slovakia, Bosnia ECQ
Scotland (Robertson): Spain ECQ, France IF
Uruguay (Nunez): Colombia, Brazil WCQ

England U21: Quansah and Elliott
Scotland U21: Doak
Wales U21: Beck


Alexis :argentina: Uruguay, Brazil WCQ
Alisson :brazil: Colombia, Argentina WCQ
Diaz :colombia: Brazil, Paraguay WCQ
Salah :egypt: Djibouti, Sierra Leone WCQ
Trent :england: Malta, Macedonia ECQ
Konate :fr: Gibraltar, Greece ECQ
Tsimikas :greece: New Zealand IF, France ECQ
Szoboszlai :hungary: Bulgaria, Montenegro ECQ
Endo :jp: Myanmar, Syria WCQ
VVD, Gakpo :netherlands: Ireland, Gibraltar ECQ
Jota :portugal: Liechtenstein, Iceland ECQ
Nunez :uruguay: Argentina, Bolivia WCQ

Dear Ifti ´Interntional Fixtures Statto‘ Khar, could you tell us how long between each player’s last international game and the Man City match please? Also the distance between the last venue and Liverpool.
Who will be the most knackered?

PS I don’t think Konate is going

I missed the most important one.
Australia vs Bangladesh: Melbourne, Nov 16.
Please have mercy on us.

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What’s the point.

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World Cup and European Championship qualifications :man_shrugging:

Surely they’ve all already qualified at this stage.

World Cup qualifications in the Asia and Africa will only start this week. Even the European Championship spots aren’t final yet.

Dutch are tied at 12 points with Greece for 2nd in group. Greece plays France, but France has 1st locked. Dutch need to win both.

Our forwards are firing hot! Diaz scored 2 goals to beat Brazil 2-1 and Nunez scored 1 to beat Argentina 0-2.
Now repeat performance against City will do just fine!

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And Mo scoring 4 for Egypt! Pep (the bald one) must be having nightmares now!

For the moment at least.

------------------ ------------Kelleher--------------------------------





One of the more criminal things to do in football today would be to have Trent not having a good portion of the pitch in front of him, with his vision and passing, but playing too high for everyone’s good!

You’d do better to swap Trent and Szobo if you really wanted to go with that structure (if that’s a 4-diamond-2) and selection.


Jarell Quansah: 14 games, 916 mins, one goal. :clap:

I think the lad has earned his own thread.

It might jinx him though :grimacing:

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I mentioned the same in another thread at a loss why he doesn’t have one

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Alisson: 19 games, 1710 mins
Kelleher: 10 game, 900 mins

Trent: 24 games, 1769 mins
Robertson: eight games, 720 mins
Tsimikas: 17 games, 1220 mins
VVD: 20 games, 1708 mins
Gomez: 25 games, 1474 mins
Matip: 14 games, 1060 mins
Konate: 20 games, 1275 mins
Quansah: 14 games, 915 mins :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mac Allister: 19 games, 1301 mins
Szoboszlai: 26 games, 1840 mins
Endo: 25 games, 1376 mins
Gravenberch: 23 games, 1063 mins
Elliott: 25 games, 1178 mins
Jones: 19 games, 1064 mins

Salah: 27 games, 2045 mins :exploding_head:
Diaz: 24 games, 1443 mins
Nunez: 28 games, 1543 mins
Jota: 19 games, 958 mins
Gakpo: 25 games, 1338 mins
Doak: five games, 247 mins