PC gaming thread

A thread for all your PC gaming needs :grinning:

I’ve been getting stuck into Wasteland 3, which came out the other day. Seems pretty good so far, although I’ve been reading that a lot of players are experiencing bugs of varying severity.

If you’ve played Wasteland 2 and enjoyed it then definitely pick this up, as it feels like more of the same but a bit smoother and slicker.

It’s also free to play via Microsoft Game Pass for PC, if you have it.


GameGuru on Steam is free until 7-Sep-2020.

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Here is one for the flight sim and Godzilla fans out there. :t_rex:

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I have no idea what games are popular these days. I think I debuted with Doom and Raptor around 1996. Had FIFA 98 soon after. Cesar 3 is the game l possibly loved most. Two other games I enjoyed a lot are Railroad Tycoon and Airforce Ace; but not sure if I remember the names correctly.

Me too. Have you tried Anno 1800? Its a city builder/campaign from the industrial evolution era. Not Rome obviously, but very nice graphics. Its a pretty tough game and eats the hours.



I haven’t played in years. Occasionally try my FM 2010, that’s all gaming for me. :blush:

Was just checking that. The overall ratings seems good, it used to be so bad for years. One surprising stat for me was VVD’s pace, which is 76. It’s vastly underrated, isn’t it? he hardly uses it, but he’s definitely way faster.


Now that I have a new laptop, I might try some recent versions of FIFA, FM and other games.

FIFA hasn’t been good for a number of years now imo. Ultimate Team has became an absolute cash cow for EA who put hardly any resources into improving servers, other modes and most importantly the gameplay these days. It’s all about churning out an extra 50 promos a season to get people buying up those FIFA points.

Lukaku looks pissed! Funny because he’s rated 85 I think, what the hell was he expecting :astonished:

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EPIC Store is giving away a game similar to Railroad Tycoon for free (until the 17th).

No idea if it’s any good but it’s probably worth a try if you’re into the genre.

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Ooooo, Dirt Rally 2.0 on Steam is on sale (-75%. Midweek madness until 18-Sep - in Canada at least), and I won’t have to do all kinds of tweaking to get the Samsung Odyssey (VR) working like I have to in Dirt Rally (and because of that, I have hooked up the VR for ages). Very tempted.

Epic are giving away Football Manager 2020 as one of their weekly free titles until 24th September.


Free??? What’s the catch???

No catch. I had assumed it was last year’s edition but it’s not.

Each week Epic give away 1 or 2 games for free to encourage people to sign up to their store as they are trying to build scale to compete with Steam and GoG, and if you are signed up you are thought to be more likely to buy games from them. Usually these are slightly older titles.

They are owned I think by Ten Cent a chinese owned gaming company. There were concerns a couple of years ago about data security breaches on the site, but i dont think it is seen as an issue now, although some people do still avoid it.

Yeah, I still won’t give Epic any of my payment details and don’t want to support them.

However, in terms of the former, I think you can sign up to get the free games without handing over your banking info etc.


You have to explain the Epic controversy to me, please. I know that a lot of people are boycotting them but I still don’t know why.

They usually release the new version every November, so likely trying to drum up interest in the game knowing that the new version should be released in 6-8 weeks


From memory, it involved an actual hacking, and a fear that users data may get harvested by China.