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I don’t think I’ve ever had driver problems and I have been using AMD/ATI cards since the early 00’s (several gens of Matrox cards before that plus a PowerVR Kyro II)

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Wow, didn’t realise this thread is so active.

There’s been a forever plan of wanting to build a gaming rig but I might just trickle down to a latest gen PS/Xbox (still undecided , mostly the PS) and a decent laptop which can run most pc games at a decent level even if not to the optimal best.

Constraint with me being more the space and the time investment…

The costs have increased as well , friend owns a 4 year old gaming rig which is still passable / good for most if not all games today but the cost of building those rigs now has increased massively

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Another impediment for me wanting to build a gaming rig is that the new games nowadays are fucking way too easy… Talking about RPGs mainly , there’s no immersion etc etc… Nothing

This isn’t a gaming related post, but I am looking for advice on how monitors work these days.

I work from home and need to buy a pair of 4k office monitors. Looking for the least de-cluttered solution. I have an electronic variable height sit/stand desk and would ideally love a single cable feeding the pair of monitors. Response times really are not high on my list of priorities: I mostly game on console these days and the only games I play on the PC pretty much are Paradox games (HOI, EU etc).

I’m running on an MSI R9 270, which is an old card and I have no idea what it supports (USB etc) though it has DisplayPort 1.2.

Can monitors actually be powered by DP or USB-C or am I in dreamland and I’ll need to have x2 power cables plus Displayport cable running to the monitors?

I want a single cable running up to Monitor 1, which is daisy chained to monitor 2 also via DP, with both monitors being 4k with USB-C +USB Hub (Does DP carry USB up to the monitors by itself?). I work off both a desktop PC and a job-supplied Surface Pro so if I could have an elegant solution that could power the tablet from one of the monitors via USB-C whilst also displaying out to both monitors by the same USB-C cable…that way I can use both monitors to display from the desktop and the tablet, and be charging the tablet from the monitor. The USB hub on the monitor will have things like my MX Master dongle + keyboard dongle + Sennheiser headset + phone charger so that all those components work whether I am using the Surface Pro or my desktop.

I consider myself a computer techy (been building PCs since my teens) but I’ve been out of the monitor game since they moved to DP and USB-C - still using a 21" 1080 monitor from like 10 years ago. Obviously running a couple of monitor power cables up to the monitors as well as the DP is not a deal breaker but want to take advantage of a solution that cuts all of this down to a single cable if possible.

Just get a super wide monitor like the samsung G9 49" otherwise I haven’t heard of daisy chaining monitors

Thing is, the only game I consistently played with a controller was PES, so it’s probably not that strange for me (although it’s been years and years since I held one).

Funnily enough, 6800XT models are exactly the ones I’m looking at for a future build (seems like a good balance between price and performance). I was thinking about Sapphire but I’m definitely willing to consider other manufacturers. What’s yours?

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Agree on this too. I’ve the G7 curved and its taken out my need for my other 4K monitor, 49" is a lot longer than mine and my 32" curved is massive.

DP vs HDMI is a raging debate. I’ve found DP to be as reliable, then its just making sure you future proof yourself and get the latest cable generation in DP, and a very good quality DP cable.

I’m techy, but standards are changing in a lot of areas as PC gaming is a massive industry, so its just good to research this topic to death when you buy. M2 was one I’d not heard of in the hdd side last time I upgraded. I went with a Ryzen CPU and then upgraded to a 9 gen. PCI express is another area, display port vs HDMI, now monitors are undergoing improvements TVs always seem to now it organic leds and the such. Fun though I grew up in the UK attending those convention centers with all the 386, 486 and pentium cpus, so much better using the PC than my old Atari or Spectrum computers… good times.

Just a point about AMD GPUs. I tried to get off the NVIDIA train but failed. Went with the top end 6950xt from powercolor so a good reseller with the best support. I had about 60 crashes, tried everything, asked several AMD forums, replaced other parts like the PSU twice. Watched youtube’s on configs, used DDU, which you need when swapping to AMD from NVIDIA, here’s the link if anyone needs that tool.

I was angry at NVIDIA scalping and thought screw it. Sadly it just didn’t work for me for whatever reason. 6950xt is down to $699 and a top end GPU for those that can get it to work. Its heavy, needs support as it definitely sags, 3 8 pin power connections and its long. Tom’s article with the new pricing.

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Long thing short , buy a HDMI dual monitor connector… Or you can bridge them with a simple series style connector bridge.

I have the sapphire card and the only real issue I have is with unreal 4 engine crashes but I think this is also due to some cable being lose on my motherboard

This is my 1st AMD GPU and I chose it for partly the same reason as you, I don’t like Nvidia ripping us off.

With regards to monitors I now have the OLED 42" C2 as monitor with HDMI 2.1 it has 120hz refresh and I now game at 4k so the refresh is just about right. What I do miss is that it isn’t curved, just seemed weird going back to a flat screen

From a graphics card point of view I would love a 4090 for its power but I am now thinking I may stick with what I have got and skip this generation.


With the connector bridge can you still have them as 2 separate screens?

my workstation is dual 24’s 1080P. I cannot see the need for 4K or anything bigger than this.

I truly believe the marketing of the card performances are what’s driving the framerate craze again. Can’t imagine spending $1500+ on a GPU to play a video game, nevermind the rest of the rig that has to push it.

Have still got an old XP tower which is sitting in a corner, as a reminder to how fast that money can be pissed out of the window

AS Rock dual939 mobo
AMD Opteron 2700+
4GB Kingston dual-channel DDR
Nvidia Geforce GTI 4200

in an all-aluminum LianLi case, Corsair 500W PSU. Pioneer 16X DVD-RW.

black light mod, fishbowl side window, etc. I remember having to declare my rig at the border going south to play tournaments on LAN in Seattle so I wouldn’t get dinged on Duty bringing it back across the border. 22" AOC crt monitor weighed about 70lbs!


Yeah there’s talk of a 5000 series. You can get an old car for the price of one of these. When I came to the US I bought a Mazda Miata for $3000 we’re quickly getting into that territory for GPUs and Nvidia loves it.

Btw warhammer 3 immortal empires on a curved 32" screen on ultra is awesome!!

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Thank you all. I was avoiding ultrawide curved simply because I have read from a few sources that for multi-tasking they are less flexible than two monitors. I often need to have a large number of windows open for my GIS software, coding apps, RDBMS, RDPs so I was thinking multimonitor would be better.

But reading further I can see that with Windows’ zones its ok. Cost of ultrawide might be an issue though if I did go this route I probably would go for something smaller in the 32:9 aspect than if I went 2x27". I currently have multi monitor approx. 42" diagonal (different sized screens :roll_eyes:. very temporary situation) which I find an ok size really. I guess I at least am lucky that response times matter little to me. Choice will be down to colour reproduction and connectivity really.

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If we’re on screen porn, 58” 4k TV makes Farcry 6 look like a film. Actually had a drink on the beach last night it was that good :slight_smile:

hrmm…may have to fire up the PC upstairs and download it. just bought a 55" Bravia X90R


To say that I have high hopes from this game would be an understatement. I love these “Soviet BioShock” vibes!

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