PC gaming thread

I had seen on the PS5 showcase that there was a new Like A Dragon game coming out (Like a Dragon:Gaiden the man without a name) which had the original hero from the Yakuza series, Kazuma Kiryu.

However, I didn’t see all the xbox reveal showcase yesterday so only just found out there was a reveal for another Like a Dragon title this one with Kasuga Ichiban - Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth due out in 2024!

Didn’t see any gameplay, but the Star wars Outlaw game sounds like it could be fun.

Will have to wait for the weather to change because if I buy it now, no chance of a staycation tan!

No Mans Sky, Cyberpunk 2077. One was a buggy piles of pants the other just a massive let down in terms of being empty. Both improved with a shitload of patches. One of the best launches in a long time for me was Elden Ring which was marketed pretty heavily.


Baldur’s Gate 3 release date moved up 4 weeks to the start of August for those that care (for PC). I’ve been deliberately ignoring early access :slightly_smiling_face:

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Having played the alpha and now the beta, I can say that Rogue Trader is going to be a spectacular game.

From watching some of the streams of both Rogue Trader and Baldurs Gate 3, they both look excellent. I’m excited for Starfield also which is out first week of September.

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Nice one. I’ll use it at my wife

Half in a mind to play some retro genesis / SNES games. They probably would have aged really badly though.

Anyone here playing BG3 yet? All the streamers I see playing it seem to be addicted to the game

Not yet, mate… I did recently buy an handful of games via Epic Games Store (they had a summer sale) and I ended up realising that I don’t have to play them any time soon. :joy: Alan Wake and Deathloop are the next on my list, though, I actually started playing the remastered version of the former since I never got the chance to play it (and I’m loving it so far).

Atomic Heart, Diablo IV, Starfield and BG3 are on my hit list for the more distant future - I’m not sure if it’s worth subscribing to Game Pass until Microsoft’s acquision of Activision Blizzard comes through (and no one can guarantee whether games like Diablo IV would become available through it) but I’m giving it a serious thought.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that i got a 3 month subscription for free when i bought my new PC - and Starfield will be a day one release for them!

I think Atomic Hearts and perhaps Death Loop is also available through the pass at the moment too, i’ll have to check!

wonder if they’re timing that for a future release of their Warcraft series.

Yeah I’m sixty hours into it. It’s good. I’ve run into a few bugs, one a game breaker that’s had me restart campaigns twice. It’s that good in trying again. It’s DOS2 but better.

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I don’t think so. The hold up seems to be in getting approval by different anti monopoly bodies…where i think Sony havr been trying to spread fear that Microsoft plan to stop other platforms getting access to their games…

I’ve deliberately avoided the angst in the transfer rumour threads since Friday and instead wrestled with the decision whether to buy BG3 or not this month.

Wasnt going to but relented. Played about an hour so far, looking forward to playing more of it.

They aren’t releasing Warcraft as a strategy game after repositioning it with WoW

You could always follow an online playthrough :eyes: