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Will definitely watch that!

Have you seen that a speed runner has completed the game in 11 minutes?

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I saw a headline but didn’t read the story - truthfully I’ve been avoiding coverage of the game to avoid potential spoilers!

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which is a bloody shame, because I loved WC3. I couldn’t dive into MMORPG’s though.

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Bugs fixed btw. Early game access files interfering with 1.0 files causing the bug. Playing on hardest level is awesome. Great fun.

Now looking forward to City Skylines II out in a month.

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Just saw that mortal Kombat has released. The graphics don’t look half bad and it is getting some good reviews.

WOW did prove to be a good money spinner for them but there was no reason for them not to do the sequels to the RTS as well.

it was the 3rd iteration of the series. Warcraft3 was a huge jump in graphics quality from Blizzard and I absolutely loved playing it. However much like Age of Empires 2 it was the same basic game. Same could be said for a lot of the flagship games from that era. Quake 3, etc. The big changes in the game at the time were hardware-based changes. I remember the jump from a Pentium 2 with a (Nvidia) TNT Riva PCI card, to a Pentium 3 with a Voodoo 3DFX AGP was like night and day.

The change to the AGP port upped the graphics quality immensely. added a next level of screen resolution and I think it’s pretty close to the point where the DVI cables came into play.

I was a Counterstrike junkie at that point, playing tournaments in the States for cash/prizes (mostly, free hardware back then).

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I take it you’ve played warcraft 1 (orcs and humans) , warcraft 2 and then warcraft 3 as well. Just like me , Pure RTS junkie… like me… I’ve grown up playing those games.

Somewhere down the line , blizzard decided that with the lore developed by metzen , warcraft would be better suited as a MMO. I don’t agree with that but that’s what it is

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that’s just where the market had an opening as the world of online gaming was opening up around 2000 with the advent of broadband internet. I’m fairly certain that WOW was one of the first MMORPG’s to exist successfully. It killed our gaming group, guys who I’d see online every night for a few hours just disappeared into that hole.

snapshot of 20yrs ago today



Relented and bought it myself this week as I’ve had a chunk of time off work(on PS5 as my pc is an absolute relic these days). Wow, what a game. I’ve not really delved much into RTS games in the past, and my D&D experience is limited to a couple of hours of playtime over a decade ago so it’s taken me a while to get to grips with lore and how the fundamentals work, but it’s an absolute work of art.

It’s taken me the best part of 30 hours just to get beyond Act 1. A lot of time spent learning the mechanics, slowly exploring the world, being punished with a criminally under levelled group of characters when thrown into unexpected combat situations. I’ve learnt to save constantly as I’m going now. My first encounter with Isobel was particularly grating (I hope it’s not much of a spoiler to say that everybody should save before talking to her, the game potentially takes a complete 180 if you don’t).

It’s one of the few games in recent times that I can’t help but constantly think about when I’m not playing it. The replayability is going to be insane.

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Hopefully this means that Diablo IV will be available on PC Game Pass next year.

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I’ve been rewatching the Mandalorian this weekend and it’s left me desperately wanting to play Star Wars: Outlaws. Really hate the fact it isn’t out until sometime next year :rofl:

The early trailers for it look so good!

Edit: wrong thread, oops

Been living under a rock all this while , just noticed there’s an actual diablo game for the mobile that actually isn’t bad.

I couldn’t think of a better place to post this, so bear with me, please. Does anyone here happen to read White Dwarf magazine, specifically the issue 494? It has a code that is usable in Warhammer: Tacticus game that I would very much like to have because it would help me unlock a character that I couldn’t unlock otherwise. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

FM 2024 mobile version is included with Netflix subscription.

I know it’s not PC, but since we don’t have a console thread, here’s the GTA VI trailer.

Thank goodness klopptomist didn’t have to witness Rockstar’s obvious political agenda - forcing a female of colour protagonist into the game.

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There is one but isn’t as active as the PC thread.

Ah, must have had a ‘man look’ in the away section :upside_down_face:

Might as well rename this as the gaming thread. The console thread doesn’t see much action