Personal highlight of 2021

What a crap year 2021 was with Covid interupting our lives again

All the news seemed to be was nothing but doom and gloom…

But as 2021 quickly nears an end, (or already has for some) let try for some posititivty.

Something to give us all a reason to smile and say well done, congratulations!

football aside (not that we had much to smile about anyway) what was your personal highlight of 2021?

A New Job? Pass a course? Pass your driving test? A new child into your life? you managed a holiday?
Made new friends? Avoiding Covid?

Or like me, you run away and get married!

so come on then, what is your personal highlight?


Night Porter ment to start at 7pm has done a no-show and the agency can’t find anyone else, so having already done a 12hr shift, now have to do the night shift.

NYE is a load of bollocks and the world can burn in hell tonight


such a positive start to this thread…


That’s me - just a regular ray of fucking sunshine :rofl:

  1. Birth of my son, he’s 7 months old on Sunday.

  2. Going back to the Kruger after a long, long time away. The only place I truly feel at peace.

All in all, not a bad year.


Wife earned a couple of free trips with her work, took one with kids and another just ourselves. Was lovely.

Daughter overcame some difficult mental health issues, was horrible for a couple of weeks when she felt suicidal, and had to do a residential thing then intensive outpatient therapy, but is now in a much better place, ongoing with a counselor, medicated, working part time and looking to graduate high school early.

Son plugs along, freshman in high school, switched his football position to goalkeeper, inspired in part by Alisson, plays for a good club in the area.

Celebrated 24 years married to a wonderful wife.

Covid challenges, we all got it, impacted work, budget, everything… but it’s all part of the rich tapestry of life, and we have lots to be thankful for.

Happy New Year to my fellow reds!


It’s early days. Give it another day or two.


Finally got to Anfield.

Don’t remember anything else.


Sorry to hear this mate. Sounds like she has good support around her and is getting the help she needs, but it must be a tough thing to have to go though.


Shot a round of 88 at my golf club, since I’m a 25 handicap I was mighty proud.


I didn’t die.


Family get together first time in two years.


Number 2 was born in June.

Got a promotion and the salary I asked for…that said, it is a massive shit sandwich and I’ll be lucky if I don’t go postal before sorting it out.

So yeah, number 2 was born in June.


Getting a job and actually holding it down, not just that a job that I can walk to in 4 minutes and I actually fucking like doing and have decent co-workers (or is that because I don’t actually see any of them as I’m all on my tod during the night (and from now the evening). Clients can be great or a big fucking pain in the arse but I have licence to deal with everything as I see fit (I haven’t told anyone to fuck off yet). :grin:


Watched a beloved daughter matriculate at one of the most renowned universities in America. Love it when she shows me math problems I can’t begin to decipher.


I also became a Grandfather which was nice.
My son got married (1 year later than planned), after the birth of his son to the most wonderful lass, for him. They have already been together over 7 years so now I anticipating at least another 7 years for them and maybe the rest of their lives.


A rediscovered love for me, whitewater paddling - both kayak and canoe. Back in the 90’s I was a devotee, but work, travel and family all combined to make it drop out of my life, and suddenly I hadn’t done it for 20 years. I was delighted to discover my kayak roll is still solid. Took my 12-year old on a whitewater canoeing course, which had some complications, but at the heart of it I just came back to that combination of peace and adrenalin from setting up on your line through a rapid.

Goal for 2022 is perfecting my canoe roll. Future goals include doing a Scotch-and-rapids descent of the Spey.

Video is from the section we did our course on, not sure who the paddler is.


Topsy-turvy but will keep it to the highlights, not lowlights.

Started a new job, higher salary, much greater satisfaction, paid off the mortgage, enjoyed seeing son and daughter become increasingly assured on their return to school, celebrated ten years of marriage, the family’s general health (including my mental health) has improved.


I got engaged to my partner, quite a bit of crap stuff this year on top of Covid but this was a diamond in the rough.


Are you saying that was where the ring was?

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