Pets and All Animaltastic Debate

We have a cat that we got as a rescue about a year and a half ago. Here he is helping our daughter with her homework


That’s Christmas dinner sorted.


Owning a pet is an open admition that you’ve tried and failed to find love amongst your own kind :wink:

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Or you don’t get enough fluffy hugs from your own kind :wink:

So this thread is all about pets and animals? Horse = animal. Ok I get the hint. Here you go again.


And suddenly this thread has been elevated to a level of beauty that us mere mortals can never comprehend


I commend you for your self awareness

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Ok, I had a cat, it was my daughters but she only cuddled it so I looked after it, hated the thing as it pissed in my potted plants and killed them and sat on the top of my head when I watched TV or listened to music. Despite that I was very sad when she passed away however vowed to never have anymore pets.
Well that was short lived a horde of Geckos invaded my house one summer and even if they aren’t strictly pets they live in harmony with me (they dissapear very quickly when I’m in a bad mood and loiter when I’m not).
Next time I cross one I’ll try and get a snap shot of him/her/them the only problem is they seem to think i’m always in a bad mood. :lizard:


Right front foot doubles as a can opener

Reasonable interpretation. I am glad that one of my overwhelming masterpieces is triggering some high level discussions unlike the tepid ones elsewhere in this forum.

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Right Front Foot… Doh!
I thought it was its Left Front Foot…!
Modern art eh… It has me baffled :0)

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I think your previous works of art were possibly to advanced for our mortal minds to fully comprehend what true genius we were seeing

Stop with all the genuine and deserved praises. I just want to make a real difference to this world unlike Michael Jackson who thinks the world can heal just because he sings a song about it.

Wait…what makes you think its a foot? Ah ha! See I just made you get into some real deep thinking again. Thats masterpiece.

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CJ’s titled it as a foot first I just followed…
Whatever they are called… The Farrier has got his work cut out :0)

Stop hoofing around the lot of you. Reign it in.

Get off your high horse!

I had a dream about that picture… I think its what is known as a nightmare.!

:raised_hand:… Taxi… :0)