Pets and All Animaltastic Debate

Finally got Jnr’s rabbits. Covid was a real pain for this as Fr Christmas sent her the bunny vouchers (and serious books) for Christmas 2019. Me being me we have a nice hutch at the side of the house and a 10m length of 6” pipe linking it to a big playpen on the front garden (no grass at the back). They’re settling in nicely and I’m turning into Johnny Morris spending hours just watching them. Beatrix Potter is a house favourite but Tinkerbell and Thumper suit these two perfectly. Personally they’re Boris and Theresa but just to piss off the mega lefties in my family on FB. So what’ve you got, why and does anybody sell bunny ear defenders?

Their sombreros arrived today. Never let your child loose on Amazon with their own bank card and spending money…