Players - Bullets Dodged

I rate saul niguez though. Wouldnt mind him joining us even now…


No. His thread was so much shorter than most he tried to pad it out with rolled up socks.

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Some posters never recovered from the disappointment…he was destined to be a club legend apparently…

I think with Klopp in charge Fekir might have been ok.

None of our top signings have failed due to Klopp with Keita and Ox they’ve been more injury related.

Karius was 3m

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the Who Would You Buy thread?

Well I think we were in for him and it fell apart and he went to Spurs and there was a meltdown…at least that’s my recollection. I never understood it :thinking:

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Thing is that meltdown isn’t far away I saw the fruits of it showing in the Carvalho deal. Thankfully the Diaz deal was quick.

2 Likes may still have some of the pages alive…

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In recent times Timo Werner and Jamal Lewis were two we were well linked with that I really hoped we wouldn’t sign. Ended up with Jota and Tsimikas instead, an incredible difference in quality.


Oh, absolutely. But it wasn’t one of the epic long ones for bullets dodged.

The Van Dijk one eventually took the overall crown, of course.


Not so sure about Lemar. He was brilliant against us last year.

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Yeah, Werner was the first to my mind. Even if he’d scored 25+ per season for Chelsea, I still wouldn’t have wanted him. No personality, no grit, no fight. He’s everything I don’t want in a player.


A fair amount of supporters went into meltdown mode when Daka went to Leicester and he is certainly looking a bullet dodged.

Remember the meltdown on here when we pulled out ? I didn’t know that much about him but was paying heed to what the German posters were saying , i.e. he was shit.

They weren’t wrong.


Older posters on here will recall the Dempsey miss caused a riot on TIA. So much so the whole system collapsed for days and shitloads of historical posts were lost.

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I thought The Great Crash™️ was a couple of years later, c.2014?

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There was a couple but crash 1 was defo Dempseys fault…… but then again it was a while ago now.

  • Konoplyanka - I think he did not became a Liverpool player because Dnipro president refused to sign a paper.

  • Have we been interested in Alex Teixeira before or after Klopp came in? I believe he was also very close to sign for us.

Remember when we had everything agreed with an egyptian player from Basle but Mourinho just did not want us to get him so he threw some money around and signed him for his bench at Chelsea. What a flop he was there.

Glad we did not sign this money-grabber. Bullet dodged.


Loic Remy and Wilfried Bony - both failed the medical I believe.