Post match: Aston Villa v Liverpool (EPL 10/5/22 8pm)

Fuck away off, then fuck off again. Hate the negativity on this forum


Loads of wet knickers in the in game thread as usual. Called it out and got called a child…pot kettle black.

We weren’t great, but we deserved that. Mane motm.

Looks like Fabs tweaked a hammy. Hopefully not a bad one but looking unlikely for Sat which is a shame.

Man City now back to back away games. Lets see what happens. Still in it.


Hes been shunted out of that centre role to accommodate Mane and Diaz.

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How did you guess? Judging from the thread we are nowhere near challenging for a quadruple….

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Gerrard was auditioning . Villa work rate was ridiculous tonight they did what they usually do in 2 games . 3 points but extremely disappointing injuries for fab and kieta . Salah is way off his usual , lack of concentration and effort . Origi at this stage could have been better option .
One last thing can sky please stop assigning carra to Liverpool; games.

Fabinho didn’t look that serious if I’m honest, walked off, several random gestures and then sat on the bench in his kit. Hendo very ably delivered I felt at number 6 which we know he can do. (Probably doesn’t make the final on Saturday but who knows).

I think a number of team played quite well In what was a tough game, at least Thiago looked as fresh as a daisy when he came on. If we need to use Firmino in CM we will have to but I don’t think Keita looked serious eithier.


We should have rested Fabinho!!! It’s 100% Klopp’s fault that he got injured!!!


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Nobody will mention Milly coming in and shit housing us to another trophy on Saturday?


He is an option on the Wembley pitch he will probably have to come off around 70 though.

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Yeah, fully expecting a Milner shithouse clinic. A Milhouse, if you will…


It’s like a broken record with some posters! If we don’t play a strong side now when will we? It’s the end of the season


Tough rugged win, Never seen Fab play so bad before he was honestly dire…maybe better to see a midfield of Hendo Naby and Thiago in the final?

Sadio’s goal was exceptional, no idea how he managed it.

Diaz again very good, and the 2 CB’s were monstrous.

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Fabinho grabed his hamstring and will never be fit before Saturday, if we are lucky if he makes it to the final.

With Keïta you never know.

MotM Virgil van Dijk.

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I do hope Countiho’s back is ok mind after the way he threw himself about.

People saying “we look knackered” as though they think we should be fresh as daisies. Of course we are knackered, just got to hold it together for a few more games.

Good game and a great win. That cross by Diaz for the winner was superb.


I don’t think we played particularly bad but maybe that’s just me. I think I’ll leave it for the night if it’s just going be posts about how Klopp should have rested Fabinho, to me It looked precautionary yeah he felt it once but we will see.

Let’s see what Klopp says today and Thursday after all tonight was about asking the question, see what Man City answer with, if they win fair enough but I’d have hated to lose or draw tonight with a second string only to see them fuck up.


I’m getting sick of catching up with the match thread and seeng people acting like fucking babies.

If it carries on like this, we’ll close the match threads and move it all to the chat. If people want to be horrible to each other, they can do it there where at least it will disappear and not serve as a permanent record of what cunts people can be when their chimps are out.

To be honest I’ve no idea how some of you manage to post during the game. Some very strong opinions about the match from people who clearly aren’t fucking watching it.


The build up to their goal was offisde


I only swing by pre-match and then sometimes at HT, but the HT scan can suck one in