Post match: Crystal Palace v Liverpool (EPL 23/01/22 14:00)

Game of two halves, decided by Crystal Palace missing some 100% chances, Alli having a world-class game, and a gift of a penalty at the end, given by VAR to relieve the pressure.

A good week-end for us in the end, even if it was tough to watch during the second half.

MoM can only be one man, the one who maintained his high standards throughout the game.



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Allison MOTM by far. It was an amazing performance first half, 2nd half the less said the better but we got through it. Another really good 3 points. We need to learn from this though and stop being so gung ho when we are 2 up.


Alisson saved us and clear MOTM. Robbo, Jones and VAR had good games also


Already had a moan, so I’ll focus on some positives.

Alisson was world class.
Van Dijk scored.
Matip’s faces.
Trent’s pass for the penalty was unbelievable.
Robbo’s delivery.
Jones’ progressive play in midfield and work rate.
Fab’s penalty.
Jota’s diving.
Ox’s finish.
Fimino’s flicks.
Hendo’s shouting.

3 points.


VAR is shit - but for a change it went in our favour.

Big 3 points. I think we deserved them. Ali showing why he’s the worlds best - MOTM

The AFCON lads come back with the PL table looking better than when they set off, which is massive. Plus a cup final.

Yes we were average in large chunks of it, but we capitalised when we were in control and got 2 goals and Palace didn’t when they were I’m control.


Alisson Becker you Big Beautiful Bearded Brazilian… Bailed us out so many times.

Break comes at a good time, looked totally fucked after 40 mins.

Klopp needs to regroup and work out what is causing this complacency to creep in, because first 40mins we bashed them around at will. Sort that and we are well in with a chance…


We were better 1st half they were better 2nd half. We took our chances they didn’t. 3 points to the reds.


Blue Moon is gonna be a riot.


As for Palace, they’ve got a couple of good young players in Eze and Olise. Injury permitting both should be very good in a couple of years.

And Conor Gallagher is obviously Chelsea through and through, the punchable gimp.


A win is a win is a win.

First 40 mins, we were excellent. We really were. Could easily have been out of sight. The high press worked and Palace had no chance to escape. The only thing of note they did was the offside chance.

At 40 mins, two sloppy passes (one suicidal by Matip), and Ali was there to save us.

Sloppy in those last 5 mins of the first half. Then the second half went from sloppy to crapness. Palace were all over us. Our high press game failed us, but we kept doing it, which allowed Palace to do two simple passes to be in on our goal.

Palace goal was one of those situations where we play the last man offside, but a perfectly timed run neuters our defense, and then the formally offside player is now back in play to tap it in.

Pen – this was soft. Lovely ball by TAA, Jota controlled but the second attempt touch missed it. Lucky for us, the ball was trickling and bouncing out rather than going straight out, as that gave VAR interpretation to see if the slowness of the ball would allow Jota to get it were it not for the keeper. I’d be fuming if that pen was against us.

Because it was soft, and Milner still waiting on the sidelines for 5 mins to come on, I had visions of us missing and Palace breaking to score. But coolness from Fab to send the keeper the wrong way, and we win 3-1. A long break till the next game, when the big guns will be back.

What we need is to get back to 2018-20 where we would be more pragmatic and change from high press to at times consolidate and drop back for a few minutes.

Oh, and even at 3-1 up, in the 95th minute on a break, Jota somehow passes perfectly to Palace player who is completely free to run on the back line. SMH. One of those days.

But good result, two points gained on Man City.


One of our problems playing without Sadio and Mo is the missing fear factor. Palace would have thought twice to squeeze us high up as much with each of them on the pitch (or would have been punished very likely for it).

Palace were good in the 2nd but Allie was better. Motm all day.


Three points are the most important objective, and it was achieved. However, Liverpool’s vulnerabilities are so glaring, that even being two goals up is not enough to discourage the opponent. Onwards we march.

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Amusingly, the US coverage just explained that our second shouldnt have been given because offside on Bobby and they are 100% right.

I think a couple of their key players are only there on loan, and so the alternative of this continuing go well is theat all these players end up at a bigger club, as does their manager, and they end up with Big sam in charge.


Some really good moments. Dominant for large parts. However too sloppy at times as well. Dicey at the back and too many opportunities given away. That said the team did enough in the end and the win was deserved.

A few positives, van Dijks goal, 3 points, and the next time we play a PL game we have a lot of our players back, that is all the positive I could get out of this match.


Take the three points and run. 40 minutes of superb football was followed by 50 minutes of dire game management and idiotic mistakes. Palace were dead and buried before we started gifting them the ball in excellent positions in the final minutes of the first half. We come out for the second half and we’re even worse. I don’t know how Klopp isn’t losing his rag with what he is seeing after we take a lead.

Alisson MoM by a mile. The rest should thank him and Friend for not losing another 2 goal lead.


I reckon the men in Black and var will be watching our next few games…and any iffy pen claims by the opposition…they’ll give it to em, to elleviate there sloppy call today…

Too many to show but just a sample. :rofl:

Complete corruption in plain view that VAR call. Everyone including Carragher knew it wasn’t a penalty and yet some how with the aid of VAR the officials somehow colluded to give it

Between yesterday and today’s decisions, any neutral can’t possibly think this isn’t cheating.

Its restored my faith in the whole refereeing and VAR being corrupt

Can you imagine the media shit show if that was us clinging on at 2-1 and we were given that?