Post Match: Liverpool Man City (EPL 6/2/21 4.30pm)

Why the fuck did we play Karius today? Some big games coming up must do better.

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We were 7 points clear before Christmas. It’s not the season; it’s just our current inexplicably bad run.


Time for a beer or three before I start crying .
Have a nice night everyone and for fucks sake be nice.

Buncha cunts.


Klopp got his CB’s wrong again. It should have been Nat and Fab if he doesn’t want to risk Kabak and move Fab into mid. Why he doesn’t pick Nat is beyond me. I haven’t seen him outrun a lot because of his positional sense. Hendo has to start in the mid. But Alison cost us the game. He was totally embarrassed after the first error and just can’t wait to get into the tunnel.

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Just voted for Jones MOTM, first time ive not used the 3 votes but nobody else deserved it.

This has been some bad run.

In terms of bad runs, it has been world class.


Just want us to get back to our usual way of playing…direct, fast, precise and 90 mile an hour…it hurts to lose against this set of cheating bleeders…


Fixed it for you.

Or me. Once the missus goes to bed.


Klopp has got some hard work in front of him. Allison’s mistakes happen to the best so just hope he can learn from it. Problems started with the substitutions after taking Curtis off.
Top four is looking unlikely at the moment and if we perform like we have lately Champions league will not happen. Roll on May and let’s get this shitty season over.

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before christmas is jus too early to even think you in the title race though…the real contenders start showing in january and feb, not before christmas. Look what happened to leceister city last season before and after christmas

Unlucky Ali, chin up reds. We will b fine once players are back fit next year and fans back inside stadiums. Let’s turn our attention to securing top 4 and a run in champions league. No time to panic friends. Support them through good times and bad. YNWA :fire::fire::fire::fire:


We lost not because of Klopp and the subs but the amateur mistakes by Allison.
Jones and Thiago on or not. Allison hasn’t been the Allison of last year.
We can only hope to make top 4 now.

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Better team first half then Ali makes 2 disastrous mistakes and it is all over .Foden struck his shot well but had Ali stood up instead of bending his knees he would have had a great chance of stopping it. Hell of a lot to do now to even finish top 4. Got to play like the first half today every game.

It was shite from him but why do we persist in giving it back to him after not 1 but 2 shit kicks before the goal?


I don’t understand the substitutions. What was Klopp’s thinking there? We’d just dragged ourselves back into the game and he takes Thiago and Jones off, I just don’t get it. The game wasn’t gone then, as some on here would suggest.
And then of course, Alisson has a double meltdown! Just think, if that had been Adrian or Karius or Mignolet??
Also, would that performance have been any worse if one of the two new signings had played today? I don’t think so.

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The announcers can barely contain their glee in the post-match. Besides the expected deification of the Cheaters, they are basically putting us in Brighton-like also-ran category.

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Phil Foden has a very tidy fresh haircut hasn’t he…


Did well in parts. Abysmal individual errors of course. Alison has a lot of credit in the bank, but making a second error so soon after the first was shocking. We need to get the new signing CBs into the team, so that Henderson and Fab can get back in midfield.

After the Fab penalty, we were scared to make any type of contact in the area. This allowed Man City to slice through us after the errors were made. Needed to pick up a lesson from that Brighton loss where the defenders like Dunk were launching their bodies in the box to block. Also didn;t help that richochets were finding their way back to Shitty.

Also, didn’t like the subs. Thiago and Curtis were keeping things ticking in there, and Shaq was lost when he came on. Also after Klopp’s admission that Minamino didn’t get in at times due to lack of height, was bemused for Klopp to reduce the height even more.

So back to the training pitch, and get the centrebacks in to the team. We are in abysmal form, but turn it around and we can fight for fourth. Give all in the champions league as a bonus.

There are obviously mitigating circumstances. We did well till Christmas in overcoming them, now it’s turned full circle. YNWA. We can do this.


Not quite the birthday present I was hoping for.

I have a suspicion that Kellner missing today and Alisson missing the last game may be related. Alisson looked punch drunk today. Very reminiscent of Trent’s performance against Southampton. Do you think it is Covid related? That wasn’t just a normal off game.

Curtis had a very good game. I don’t know why he was substituted. Also Trent looked very sharp again with his long passing.

We don’t have another game until Saturday so it gives us a chance to recover and pick over the bones of this.

I think we can still look at top 4 but we can’t afford too many more days like this.


When Ali made the first fuck-up , I posted ; “Well at least he might pack that shit in now.” Shows what I know.

Let’s just get to the next game , and try starting with some centre backs on the pitch.

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