Post Match: Liverpool v Ajax (UCL 1/12/20 8pm)

Who else could be the MOM but for our fearless Irish keeper Kelleher! Thank you for saving us from the typical Adrianesque rollercoaster 90-minute ride and giving us a true keeper’s performance between the sticks! I mean… the guy actually didn’t FREEZE UP when the ball was passed to him, and he can kick with both feet! Overjoyed for him and I can tell from his look as he was walking off… he must have been so proud of his performance!

Also so glad for Neco who proved all his doubters wrong with a smashing performance. He seemed to be everywhere down that right flank - no doubt he has his weaknesses going forward but he was a rock out there!

Qualification and top place secured - one game less on our packed schedule - YNWA!


Kelleher though! @Dutch is popping the champers right now.


Henderson was everywhere and motm for me,Jones and Neco were pretty fucking good also,lovely clean sheet Kevin,rest everyone against the midgets.


Kelleher, Neco and Jones all were absolutely brilliant. Showed the maturity and class, that should lift the entire team’s morale up. Madness we are through and top of the group given our situation, but here we are. Imagine when our first team actually comes back and is fit. So wanted a win here so that we can get that extra rest for one game. Just perfect.


He’s some type of time traveller I think. @cynicaloldgit did we do the treble?


Our Irish goalkeeper MotM.

We should keep an eye on Gravenberch, young Ajax midfielder, clearly their best player.


Curtis best player on the pitch, but Kelleher close. Neco and Matip also strong.

Relaxing week ahead then, is it?


Kelleher was brilliant to be fair, I could make the odd criticism but even those criticisms would be wiped out in the second half, if he doesn’t play until Alison is back then it’s a joke.

Neco and Curtis and Hendo had good games as well as Matip and Fabinho at the back, U23s next week I don’t care.


Could have done. Knew one of you would do it for me


Nice result after a bit of a dull match ; good performance and work levels - just few pieces of eye candy - but a competent job done with nice youth involvement.

Sometimes I like it a bit boring :slightly_smiling_face:

Keleher , Jones and Hendo my people of the matcho.


Enough to keep you watching mate.


In the end we could have won by a lot more to be honest. Very good performance given the circumstances. Though Kelleher was excellent, at least compared to my expectations, and he was protected well by Matip and Fabinho. Williams coped well with the highly rated Neres and Jones was the best player on the pitch.

5 days off now, Midtjylland next week. Not bothered about that game in the slightest, it has to be the kids.

Bradley Williams vdBerg Tsimikas
Cain Clarkson Morton
Minamino Origi Millar


Really pleased that I can make a MOTM decission.
Jones just supeeb goal and good work all match, N Williams great assist and good work all match, Kelleher some decent saves calm and collected and some decent distribution (can you ask for more?


Curtis Jones the only Liverpool player ever to score in the Champions League with all the letters S-C-O-U-S-E-R in his name!

— simon crabtree (@Crabbers) December 1, 2020

Truly a born Liverpool player!


I’m liking this more mature version of Jones. He always gave me the impression he thought he was better than he is growing into a decent option now.


How good are Fabinho and Matip. Fabinho at CB and clean sheets - what a story! Matip if he can stay injury free is one of the top CBs in Europe, let alone England.


Perfect result for us, topping the group with a game to spare.

With Kelleher’s hair now a more subdued colour, Klopp feels he is ready. Kelleher much more comfortable with the ball than Adrian, and can play it with both feet. We passed back many times to him in confidence, and he was not afraid to either kick it first time with both feet, or play it out. Some nice flat throws to feet as well.

The goal from a combination of Neco and Curtis, so the kids done well.


I think we should play our third choice keeper now.


my 4 men of the match nico williams , matip , fabinho and the GK.
the selfishness and wastefulness of our front line was astonishing. when you have makeshift defence inexperienced keeper you cherish the ball keep it and score when you have chances .
jota , mane salah were selfish and certainly could have done better