Post Match: Liverpool v Wolves (EPL 1/3/23 8pm) UP THE REDS! WE GO!

Vote for your MOTM!
  • Ali
  • Trent
  • Big Virg
  • Monster Ibou
  • Greek Scouse with the sexy haircut
  • Fab Wab
  • Super Harvey
  • Badgertich
  • Mo
  • Jota
  • Hendo
  • Milner
  • Bobbeh
  • Codeh
  • Who else?

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Take it away peeps.

Fuck, left out greek scouse.

Edit: Sorted guys!!


I thought I’d post this in this one too

Last 4 games you’d probably have taken 10 from 12.

Anyhow it was chalk and cheese well it sounds like it from the shit a few weeks ago, 2 Liverpool wins all round a nice night and keeps us in the hunt if not for top 4 at least the Europa League spots.


WTF is with the poll, are we voting for cartoons now? BAM, POW!


Yep, not vintage performances but results all that matters right now. 4 clean sheets from 4, can’t complain.

Brilliant decision from Klopp to bring in Nunez and Ibou straight in, few nervy moments from Ibou but nothing costly and his presence helps us out massively.

We actually have a fucking shot at top 4, crazy crazy stuff.


Where’s Mascot?

Mascot doing overtime, he left me in charge for tonight.

first game in a while I’d not seen Trent make a major error. actually impressed with his play today.

Mo on the other hand, for a guy making £350k/wk I’d expect him to not run the ball into a dead end 60% of the time. frustrating to watch

Tierney is a cunt.


Has the lunatic taken charge of the asylum?


10 points out of 12. 6 goals and none conceded. That’s better. First half similar feel to the Palace game, though the good point was that we were a little more creative in this game.

I think it’s now three times Bajcetic has had an early booking to contend with. You’d never ever see that with Rodri, KdB , and snide prick Silva. Did well as usual with an aggressive game despite on the early yellow.

Midfield of Fab, Elliott and Bajcetic was a surprise from Klopp, despite knowing we need rotation. Very composed all three in the first half with some dicey balls from Ali for them to deal with. Speaking of Fab, how on earth did he get a yellow and concede a free kick, when both the punishments was more merited for the other player.

Goal from Darwin ruled out by VAR and ref screen combo. Thought myself that Jota was pushed into the foul that he made, so could have gone either way. Was a nice bit of composure from Darwin to shuffle the ball and stroke it into the net though.

The wrong yellow and rule dout goal woke the crowd up, who had been placid before then. Finally the lead from a set piece. We’re been excellent the last few years both attacking and defending set pieces, so the recent run where we’ve been conceding and non threatening was a disappointment. Rectified with VVD looing the header into the net.

A few minutes later, the game was finished with a good release from Ali, then a quick one two between Tsimi and Gakpo, with the former then going on a run to cross the ball, where Salah did an Ian Rush style move in the box and got his though to the ball.

Onto Sunday.


Yes agree on Trent, a tenfold better from him tonight…he didn’t dwell on the ball and invite pressure forcing him into any errors and he ran a lot more for the team tonight.

Can’t be too hard on Mo for tonight, he did his job helping the team win…all we can ask.

Which ref isn’t?

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tsimikas was great , Nunez ran his socks off as usual , VVD improved . midfield was not convincing and an attacker would be a better use of resources . 3 points but long way to go Fulham, brighton newcastle and spuds are all still in it
the ref was poor .

Badgertich! :rofl:

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No, just me WeeJ.

What did you think of the game buddy?

in a nutshell, yes! Not sure how this came to pass.


What helped him was the tactics - it was obvious he was asked to play more as a traditional right back in this game. He kept his position more often, and judiciously made runs mostly staying wide right.

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weird. play your position, have a better game. Who’d have thunk?

It’s different…is this the TAN quiz?

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Wow Nunez has a bit of an arsenal. Those trips to the backline then a crossfield switch are Trent-esque. He really is a gun.


Fuck sake I bet half the forum can’t see this thread.

P.s. fuck Tierney the cunt.