Post match: Man Utd v Liverpool (EPL 22/8/22 8pm)

Forget who said it during the game, but it’s really important to remember this isn’t a 3 game issue. This is a continuation of the lethargy we saw for the final 6 weeks of last season. Back then we mostly got through it with momentum and comparable staleness from the teams we were playing. Now our opponents are sharp and we still look like we’re playing the 65th game of a 67 game season.


The positive, such as it is, for me is that the changes that need to happen look really simple.

  1. Get Diaz and Salah more central where they can actually get shots on goal and effect the game.
  2. Get the two CMs either side of the DM to tuck in a bit more, stop drifting to the right and left edge of the penalty area, offer some protection.
  3. Either drop the line very slightly, or press the ball harder. Can’t play high line with no press.

Then obviously we have some of our best players out injured.

None of that seems like difficult tactical changes and I think we would have won tonight were we not so wide.

Of course if we keep making these mistakes then I’ll be pretty pissed off at the coaching. Tonight gave us a very clear idea of what we are doing wrong.


Hope Bruno Fernandes breaks his legs


Did Manu just win the league? You would have thought so based on their reactions and the crap commentary. Oh, and every lfc player can do better, far too nonchalant. Onwards and upwards. Ynwa.


Don’t think I am allowed to open a match topic again … :roll_eyes: :smile:

Frimino MotM for me. We simply have too many injuries at the moment.

The PL table looked bloody awful.

The focus no doubt will be (and largely should be) on the performance put in today, but one big element of todays result is the intensity that United went at us with. They deserve credit for winning that.

Klopp has some thinking to do - these fitness/injury issues are causing major concern.

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We have a mix of players added to an established succsesful team? No, maybe Im not getting it.


Your barred Dutch

Rubbish tactical set up that took far too long to rectify.

United had runners, we didn’t. When Salah went though the middle and Carvalho came on, we did. We looked far more dangerous just from those switches alone.

I don’t know what Klopp and co are playing at with Diaz and Salah so wide. That will work with Nunez on the pitch, it won’t work with Firmino there.

I don’t usually (ever) stick the knife into JK but that was absolutely shite from him tonight.


Well it effects the players you can sub on, but that starting 11 today is close to the starting 11 of any game.

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Some bullshit coming out of the pundits mouths at the moment. A real shocking display from the back four and pretty weak in midfield. Got to get a midfielder in before the the window closes. Didn’t think Utd showed the performance that the pundits are screaming about. We are playing like a bottom half of the league team. Gave Ali my MOM as he kept the score respectable.

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He has one of the most punchable faces ever…but why was he not carded for feigning injury…then stopping the game…

He was in my top 3, but it was hard to pick 3

Pitch fork, tarred and feathered! :rofl:

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This is basically how to beat us, start in our faces we crumble. We’ve gone from a pressing intensity monster to a slow ponderous pile of shit. We got out fought by fucking Fulham.


I hate everyone and everything right now.


I don’t know which one of ours was the best, so won’t vote.
But despite the come back, we deserved to 0 points and Manchester United deserved 3.
I feel glum. I had ,despite the injuries, expected much more of the team that remained free of injuries. On paper, we should be competitive. We were only competitive in parts of the game, which is not enough to win if the other team plays well. And today, unfortunately, in large parts of the game, the other team played well.

An extremely disappointing game and I will have to re-assess my expectations of the season. I certainly don’t think we will win the league.


Guys don’t worry, if we win the next 35 games, we are champions.


even me? :frowning: