Post match: Nottingham Forest v Liverpool (FAC 20/3/22 6pm)

So we glad we pissed on dicko’s bonfire…


stupid muthafcker jus asked jota if liverpool deserved it lol


I’ve said it a few times and then backtracked after the odd good game, but I think Ox is probably in his way this summer.


Midfield and forwards didn’t show up today. Kept them pretty quiet for the first hour but they had a couple of good chances that they blew in the last half hour. If Bobby had scored the easy chance he had first half things may have been different. Made really hard for ourselves by thinking that we only needed to turn up. I hope they learn a lesson.


Well the none regular players made it easy for Klopp to pick his team for the Watford match.


He exited the pitch looking like a player who knew he is unlikely to play again this season, and quite possibly for Liverpool.


Full credit to Nottingham Forest. We are slightly lucky to go through after the miss just before our goal, and then the late chances for them. I thought they were brilliant and a real advertisement for the Championship. A superb atmosphere to witness.

In the end, we deserve to go through though. We were the better side, and had we had our scoring boots on, it would have been a straight affair. Luckily, Jota scored in his typical fox-in-the-box way, from a good Tsimikas cross. Brilliant!

So, we are through to the semis and will meet Cheaty two times in the next weeks. So be it, we’ll need to beat the best teams if we want to lift that trophy.


Made it unnecessary difficult. Very poor at the final third except for the goal. Didn’t defend very convincingly in the second half either. Another professional win and it’s obviously good that we pull them off but it starts to feel like we are riding our luck a bit too much.

Need to start playing more to our usual standard and less down to the opposition’s level. Especially with the plastics coming up on two fronts.


The semi is at Wembley …. That’s not their ground.


That was a nice, tough, proper FA Cup with a vocal crowd who pushed us for 90 mins. Well done to them.

One moment of quality decided it. My votes are Ox, Tsimi, Gomez.

Special mention to Pawson for freezing like a deer in the headlights on the penalty shout. That could have been called either way IMO and VAR couldn’t have overruled. It so happened that it went for us for once but not through good ref decision making but because he was umm-ing and ah-ing waiting for VAR to bail him out. Fucking useless cunt.


ooh vicar

Ahh really… you’re right, thanks for rectifying. It has been so long that we haven’t made it to a FA cup semi-final that I had forgotten that detail… :sweat_smile:

All right! Full control first 45. I felt the game got a bit scrappy after the four subs. Maybe not what Klopp intended, I’m guessing the idea was to lock them in a bit more and control them a little better.

But this one was about getting it done, which we did. Good goal.


Happy with the result and the defending in general but we gave away the ball in bad places at times especially when we had overloads. Pressing could have been a bit sharper but that’s where you get Mo and Sadio’s value off the ball.

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Feels like this should be on a Forest forum. He made the right call and VAR saw it the same. Not saying he isn’t a useless cunt, generally, but can’t see what he did wrong here.


As long as they don’t schedule another 6pm for Wembley on a Sunday. Awful time to play football for us it seems and it’s just a complete waste of a day.

Don’t mind a Saturday.


Back 4 were pretty good I thought bar that huge chance they had. Tsimikas motm for me for the assist and looking lively and energetic.

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It wasn’t a pen, because the forest player is already throwing himself down before the contact, and the contact is because the forest player is trailing a leg looking for it.


Only saw the second half but I thought we fell apart a bit defensively there towards the end. Forest should have probably got at least one goal. Things weren’t exactly going swimmingly well up front either.

But we march on, so I’m happy.

God looks like he’s in charge of a quiz show…