Post Match: Real Madrid v Liverpool (UCL 15/03/23 8pm)

It is amazing we have won what we have considering Klopp is so inept and has no tactics.

Poor comment. You’re embarrassing yourself. A couple of others on here this applies to as well.

I thought the first half yesterday could have finished 3-3.
We had few good chances. Mo’s ball to Nuñez, Jota mishit a shot inside the box.


Then why buy him?

Sorry but I disagree with you. You buy players that suit your system and tactics. You don’t players that you fancy to your chances moulding into as something else.

Still I think top 4 looks increasingly too difficult a target. Our quality is nowhere near where it needs to be and there’s nothing to suggest it will improve.

Out of curiousity, I took a look around for a Monte Carlo simulation of the league table.

Feels about right.

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Yep, that DAZN subscription is going to be a 2 month Six Nations expenditure next year.

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Yeah, bummer I think. Post world cup too. Might be some fascinating dynamics.

I’m trying hard to resist the urge to go full tilt and blame people etc. but I guess the next thing is how we recover from this. Difficult in a world dominated by hard cash

The above fixtures don’t worry me. These however…
Leeds United v Liverpool|Elland Road|
Liverpool v Nottingham Forest|Anfield|
West Ham United v Liverpool|London Stadium|
Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur|Anfield|
Liverpool v Brentford|Anfield|
Leicester City v Liverpool|King Power Stadium|
Liverpool v Aston Villa|Anfield|
Southampton v Liverpool|St. Mary’s|

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Anfield ones should be fine even if they are against teams we’ve struggled away against it’s somewhat chalk and cheese.

Brentford’s away form is on par with ours which tells you a lot and Forest is even worse.

Away I’m seriously worried about.