Post Match: Real Madrid v Liverpool (UCL 15/03/23 8pm)

Right, let’s get the complaining started, I will get a MoM poll up.

edit: Might be the first time I have ever contemplated voting for someone who came on in time added

  • Alisson
  • Alexander-Arnold
  • Konaté
  • van Dijk
  • Robertson
  • Gakpo
  • Fabinho
  • Milner
  • Salah
  • Jota
  • Núñez
  • Tsimikas
  • Carvalho
  • Oxlade-Chamberlain
  • Elliott
  • Firmino

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We weren’t good enough. End of story.


Start of the story also


Probably the furthest we have been away from them even the team that lost 3-0 at Madrid in the Covid years looked better back at Anfield.

Anyhow we know we’re we are at, we didn’t have the ability to play one of our CMs and we’ve struggled all season.

The only really bright spark would be a fit returning Dias who pushes us into Europe, Europa would suit me for a season to rebuild.

Some bright play but we lost 6 of the 8 quarters of a match. Passing was terrible second half but I think it was an attempt at trying too hard.


It is that simple :+1:

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Congrats Madrid, deserved to go through…I’d love it if they knocked out both the remaining English sides especially in the manner they did v City last season.

Lets use this break to get a training camp in sunny Dubai and come back rearing to finish this season off. :grimacing:

Best chances we created stemmed from direct balls out wide to isolate Nacho.

Needed better final passes - in good positions we often played the ball wrong.

Well, I own a charity £10. No bad thing. Lost it first leg but at least we weren’t embarrassed tonight. Could have been ugly. Now we hunt down 4th or hopefully 3rd place.

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We done well tonight considering the midfield we had to play, Konate is a big step up from Gomez and Alisson was good tonight. Refs never seem to be fair to us.
Hopefully FSG will do what is necessary in the summer and we can have a better season next one.


If I see them go to Dubai I’ll be on the SOS bandwagon criticising the 2% rise.


Gave Man of the Match to Becker,


When you’re second to EVERY second ball, you’re not winning.
Levels of desire need questioning.


It speaks volumes that considering what we’ve seen this season, it wasn’t a bad performance, in the first half anyway. But compared to the standards set over the years it was brutal. Diabolical in possession but most importantly the belief and the desire weren’t quite there and they haven’t been for a while. Once the first half concluded without a lead, they gave up and just waited for the kill shot which was always coming.

This team is need of a total rebuild both physically and mentally.


Alisson, poor guy has to be quality every single game.


The willingness and the passion to win the ball back is long gone. The heart and mentality monsters are also long gone

No matter who they get in the summer, current players attitudes need a reset and to get back to wanting to win and showing a never say die attitude for every minute of every game.

Wouldnt surprise me if salah goes in the summer to fund the 3 new midfielders that are so badly needed and top quality at that

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The last two games are not a suprise at all. Winning 7-0 against United was a spectacular fluke, but that is all it was.

The midfield has no quality on or off the ball. Fabinho is a dreadful player these days, despite having two good games in a row. Let’s not get fooled by such a short run of form. Milner, as good as he is for his age, is not the answer.

Jota and Gakpo go missing for most of the our games. Jota has been absymal since his return from injury unfortunately, and has done nothing to alleviate our problems. Gakpo has been poor in most games he has played, United was very much an anomaly.

If Klopp is taking Nunez off for any other reason than him not being at full fitness then I really worry for the future. We’ve shunted him wide left to accomade Jota/Gakpo and whenever he isn’t on the pitch we do not look capable of creating a chance. I hope thats shoulder is still bothering him otherwise I’m at a loss to explain what is going on here.

This squad has plenty of talent in it, but it needs 5 or 6 new faces to freshen it up and compensate for what it lacks. Tonight didn’t feel like a night we could pull off the impossible, this squad just isn’t capable of it.


Tough decision!

Ali kept the score respectable. They were miles better than us.

Stick a new engine in the car and watch it go next season!

We are having a bad season and we are well off the pace. There are issues all over, but get the engine room right and things will pick up quickly.

I can’t be too bothered with sticking the boot into tonight’s performance, they did what they could. Fabinho and Milner against probably the best midfield on the planet? It was only going to end one way.

The main positives were Alisson, who is so good. Probably the best in the world, and if not him, then perhaps the fella at the other end of the pitch tonight? Anyway, well done Alisson. Hang in there you Jesus loving, steak munching handsome bloke, and Klopp will get the team right, in front of you!

I also saw a positive in Darwin’s threat and endeavor. He was dangerous and had some great moments. As the game wore on he got a bit isolated on the left, but even at that point I would not have subbed him, but instead would have found a way to shuffle the pack and move him to the middle.

Top four in the league has not gone, even if it feels like it after Bournemouth.

We have been so shite this season that we are now down to the league and nothing else, so if we treat it as a series of finals, with rest and prep in between, we might yet go on that run that has proved elusive all season long. The next three games will tell us a lot more.

Priority acquisitions in summer are:

Central defender

And that’s if outgoings go as anticipated. How high up the food chain we shop remains to be seen, but I’d like to see us shop at all levels of the market, as in the past, both splashing the cash on big players, and also stretching the cash with canny purchases who prove to be great value.

Incoming in summer can go further than that, but we will have to see what the budget is before we get too silly and name six expensive players to buy.

Final comment for me will be on Mo Salah.

Giving him his new deal was the right move. He had us over a barrel and could have left on a Bosman. He has not been worth the money since the bumper new deal was awarded, and while he will still score and offer a threat moving forward, he is not what he was, and I would accept a sale for Mo, if the circumstances aligned and it was seemly.

In other words, we would not agitate and force it, as that would be silly as he is a good player and a club legend. And yet… if it found us, say PSG offered a reasonable price, and Mo decided he liked it, I doubt we would fight tooth and nail to keep him. It might be best for both parties.

My viewpoint is nuanced, and I’m not pushing Mo out the door, but if it opened for him, and all parties could live with it, I could see a sale.

Gvardiol/N’Dicka or in between, depending on budget.

Kudus or Diaby if Mo ends up leaving.

Let the new team emerge. It’s on the way and we will be fine!